Desperately Seeking Relevance?


i guess we can expect this every month.
anyway in my absence,
you guys were on it as usual.
had about 20 emails in my box about this.
even some mentions on twitter.
i watched the video that peanut leaked for the first time this morning.
and well…

tumblr_m5du64Dc8E1rwcc6bo1_400i’m just kidding.
okay let me break it down best way i could…

PEANUTSHOTtypical run of the mill queen.
new money.
we have seen it all before.
he would have provided the comic relief for the show,
but he is by no means someone we want to fuck.
he reminds me of an old woman.
his antics would’ve gotten old fast if he had his own show,
but he seemed to work well with the other two.

kerryshotthe main point of why these people even exist.
he is sexy.
he has nice features.
we want to fuck him.
he just doesn’t seem to really have a “star like” personality.
outside his body and the fact he plays football,
he is actually kinda boring.
could i see him carrying a movie alone?
i don’t think so.
could i see him carrying a television show alone?
i don’t think so.
he always needs people to bring him out his shell.

altonshotcan i just say alton is fine as shit?
he is sexy.
we would fuck him once we got to know him better.
let’s call it like it really is.
he is the help.
thankfully he is the help with a nice body and face.
he plays the supportive role really well.
someone to give his opinion every now an again,
go at it with peanut,
and does whatever outrageous task kerry sends him on.
…and that’s it.

i actually thought it was,
and dare i say,
it would have worked.
only thing is,
all three of them are NOT stars.
nothing about each of them really has “IT” factor.
they needed each other in order for it to work and it did from what i saw.

this would have made a good two/three part special.
i couldn’t watch an hour of them shopping and working out.
they would need to throw a hot vixen in there somewhere.
actually if the focal point of the show was kerry looking for a team,
while alton and peanut assisted him with wacky antics and drama,
we would have watched.

peanut trying to be a star is a fail all around.
straight wolves won’t touch it with a ten foot pole.
vixens only want him to talk about who is gay.
one side of the gays hate him and the other tiny side supports his drama.
he needs to always be the supportive character.
  ironically if he was a pretty female then it would’ve been a ratings bonanza.
other than that:

lowkey: now that’s out the way,
i like this one lot:

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 10.15.34 AM Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 10.37.00 AM

Author: jamari fox

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24 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking Relevance?”

  1. I would’ve watched.

    Kerry strikes me as an all around good guy, to be honest. He’s gorgeous, but he doesn’t have that conceited air about him. He’s humble and seems to have a great personality.

    As far as Peanut, make no mistake that I think Kerry possibly enjoys manbutt, but that clip, if nothing else, certified Peanut as the help. I got absolutely no romantic vibes from that at all.

    1. ^i noticed that too.
      i got “someone who i met that gets the job done.”
      even in the bed,
      they looked like really good friends.
      i see people are going in on them laying together.
      kerry with no shirt on.
      did anyone notice there was two other people in the room?
      plus they act like peanut had cooties or some shit.
      when you are comfortable with people and you let them in your world,
      you don’t think about shit like that.

      i had to edit what i meant by personality in the entry.
      he doesn’t have a “star” personality that makes you wrapped up in his world.
      he is funny and appears to be a good southern gentleman.
      definitely husband material.
      to carry a show tho…..?

      1. I agree. I actually have a really good friend who’s like Kerry. Most of his friends happen to be gay, but he couldn’t be further from it. He laughs with us, jokes with us. You’ll even catch him trying to use gay lingo from time to time.

        Granted, we’re all masculine, but he’s comfortable around even his most flamboyant of friends. That’s a great thing.

        The only people who would take issue with something like that are bitter lonely bitches. Men included.

        I agree he doesn’t have a reality tv personality, which to me is a great thing. He strikes me as a normal guy with a great personality.
        Peanut strikes me as having reality tv potential. He’s over the top and borderline annoying. That’s what reality tv is.

        1. ^for peanut to work as a reality star,
          he would have to be one of two things. the supporting character on another show with a really interesting background or,
          a ready made star who decided to do reality television.
          if he started on a show like rhoa or l&hh,
          he could have transitioned over to his own.
          he would need a dramatic family/friends to help carry him.
          sort of like keyshia cole,
          first season of her show.
          even fantasia.
          not to mention he needs to have a talent or some kind of important job.
          if he was the “top assistant in the entertainment/sports industry” and we saw him working,
          it would work.
          he comes off like a new money queen.
          he is over the top because he is feeding off alton and kerry.
          he needs them to be “the star”.

  2. It seems like it really could’ve been funny and ppl would’ve watched if peanut didn’t fuck everything up trying to out Kerry… Something about him gives me fantasia.. Country, backwards, and common… Kerry so fine, and he clearly really did care about tht boy fucking or not.. And I wonder where Alton is? Is he still with Kerry? Or did he go on to assist “Hollywood” , of whom is more like “Birmingham”

  3. I still say they had a relationship, I’m sorry. It’s not that he’s hanging around peanut being the issue, it’s how intimate they are. Him being in bed with him isn’t too much of a prob., but Kerry knew he was gay and still hugged up on him and shit. Straight men who have gay friends usually do not want to send the wrong message to their gay friends. All of them are that way. Is a straight man going to come and sit in my lap if I asked him to knowing I like men? Hell no.

    I want Alton tho. He’ nice.

  4. In positive news Kerry started a production company It was mentioned @ still works for Kerry apparently one of P Nut ‘s friends said so on IG.Lastly there was no sexual chemistry between Kerry and P Nut in that video IMO

    1. ^i got no vibes from them in that bed.
      every straight person is saying they “saw” something between them.
      i saw two really good friends having a conversation.
      could there have been something off camera?

    2. Yea I heard about that. At least he’s doing something to keep his money up.

      When I read the headlines the other day. I thought a sextape surfaced lol.

      1. You know P Nut repulses me so much that I couldn’t even watch a sex tape with him in it.Just imagine that voice moaning and squealing. Just thinking about it is giving me nightmares. Now Kerry with another guy 🙂 ,too bad Jamari is married

      2. @Foxi “scratch his back” is that a euphemism for “break his back”? BTW who is the baller in pics with Kerry?

        1. ^nope.
          he has my back and ill have his.
          id only let him break my back tho.

          the baller wolf is daryl washington.
          he was recently arrested for choking out his girlfriend.
          i wrote about him a month ago.

  5. Alton is soooooo damn fine. I would love to see Kerry “work” him over. He gives me good Hybrid teas. And Jamari I disagree the chemistry between Kerry and Peanut was all over this video. Had this aired on tv I’m pretty sure it would expose Kerry. Especially the part where he said how his life has changed after meeting Peanut

  6. Something is telling me this while “outing” thing was an elaborate plan invented by Peanut! Because they generally seemed close and Kerry wants to be a hollywood star equally as much as his counterpart!

  7. My advice to Kerry Rhodes. Next time, hire professionals. Because those are not professionals. What did Kerry expect to happen?

  8. I still have a feeling that they weren’t together the way Peanut claims.

    If Peanut wasn’t such a pain in the ass, he’d be funny.

  9. I like that Kerry could be so cool with a flamboyant guy but to only have those around you seems odd for a straight guy. One or two, yes. I just like a good mix and they were all short. I would just see a gaggle of gays and the queen bee (Kerry) if I saw them in a mall.

  10. Um…so

    You say he fucked you right
    You say he bought you whatever you wanted
    You got free trips and thigh life
    and you mad cause he said he wasn’t gay……STUPID TRICK….and clearly simple and young minded as fuck…….

    And clearly someone who just wants to be “Hollywood” and just fucked up the best situation he’ll ever have…..cause no one will touch it with a ten foot pole now….except other drama filled people who won’t add anything to his life….

    damn shame…..

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