mandingo gucci showed up in texas with that big ass pipe and the rumors started after

people don’t realize the power of folk’s investigative skills.
i don’t call them the f-bi for nothing.
this is why when i’m creepin’,
and i don’t want people putting 2 x 2 together,
i just don’t post anything period.
about 4 foxholers sent me the following story.
i was sitting on it,
thinking it might out someone,
but it seems to not be the case.
this is why i tweeted this the other night:

mandingo gucci (^above) is known for his onlyfans content.
he has a big ass dick and an amazing stroke to go with it.
the f-bi started noticing who he seemed to have allegedly moved in with.
the rumors are “possibly more“…
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can you believe what someone fonted about the “exotic paintings” crew?

*the following entry is all “alleged”.
*it has some adult material deep inside too

so as you know,
the foxhole discusses everything.
i get a lot of stuff sent to me,
and even tho it’s all “alleged“,
it’s still something to font about.
the following is what a foxholer sent to me today.
it was about everyone within the “exotic paintings” crew.
jeff cutts was thrown in as well.
the following was posted on “lpsg” by poster,
shoutout to the kind folks over at lpsg.
doing the Lord’s work.

so this is what that poster had to font

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making the video: britney spears addressing rumors

the hell..
is going on with britney spears?
i feel like i’m always asking this question.
i miss this britney:

she had life in her eyes and her lips didn’t protrude.
so she decided to address all the recent “#freebritney” rumors.
she put this on her instagram

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And I Would Have Gotten Away With Being DL If It Wasn’t For You Meddling Kids

one thing that often puzzles me:

Why are folks the loudest with defense if they have the biggest secrets?

someone is always waiting to crack that egg on a forehead.
we got some nosy muthafuckas out here.
ones who need to be enrolled in my f-bi.
i saw a comment today ( x on this entry ) from foxholer,
96 king,
 in regards to this whole “deven hubbard expose” going on.

these latest alleged leaks contradict his “i’m very straight” stance.
remember when he came at me on some insecure shit,
even though i use to low key defend him?
well this is the solution i have for these defender types…

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When Diddy Burns Your Forest Down

sean-combs-p-diddy-kids-instagramin every forest,
there is a hierarchy of animals you may not be able to cross.
that just depends where your power lies.
as bloggers like myself,
we are only as good as the stories we put out.
the best stories can send shock waves and bring attention.
that’s how you can get all the animals to keep visiting.
well diddy is one animal who doesn’t play about his cubs.
as you know,
justin combs was the target of some vicious rumors this past week.
“industry on blast” and “fameolous”,
two mainly gossip blogs that broke the stories,
learned the power of what a higher animal can do.
check what was the outcome via sandra rose
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This Is What I “Had” Heard About You (Rumors)

largei believe rumors are started from four key ingredients:

the obvious

i’ll tell you how
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