making the video: britney spears addressing rumors

the hell..
is going on with britney spears?
i feel like i’m always asking this question.
i miss this britney:

she had life in her eyes and her lips didn’t protrude.
so she decided to address all the recent “#freebritney” rumors.
she put this on her instagram


i don’t believe for one second she wrote that caption.
this video of her working out/dancing tho:

so my cousin hybrid was telling me he saw her in concert last year.
he said that when she would look at the audience,
she would smile and turn “on”.
as soon as she turned her head tho,
it was like she went into this robotic trance.
unlike beyonce,
who interacts with the audience and commands the stage,
britney was very…
she isn’t like this:

he said everyone was commenting on it when they left after.
i don’t know anymore.
she hasn’t changed:

i wish she was just a studio artist these days.
she would make music but do limited engagements.
i hope she can fully retire soon.

lowkey: is it me,
or has she aged rapidly over the last year?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “making the video: britney spears addressing rumors”

  1. Probably on meds. When you are at your lowest, the only thing you can really do is fake it, and sometimes people don’t notice, other times people do. It sucks, and I hope that she makes it to a place in life where she is comfortable.

    1. She is definitely on something, and has been for some time. I honestly believe that she never really recovered from that breakdown she had many years ago. She managed, but it was really too much, and to try to do a residency on top of that…it was too much for her. She had the wrong people in her circle, and those people only latched onto her for what she could give them, or do for them. That was their only concern. If you’re in someone’s life and you’re close to that person, you will see “warning signs” and if you’re truly concerned, you will try to help. She didn’t have that, or she ignored the people who tried to help…and look where it got her. The Blackout album, one of her best, should’ve been her comeback…but that turned out to be a disaster for her.

      It’s time for her to take a hiatus, get herself in order mentally, physically and spiritually. Use this experience as material (it usually makes for multi-platinum albums) and make some music afterwards, if that’s what she wants to do. She doesn’t have to do any shows or residencies. Just make music…when you’re ready.

  2. Once more again what are you trying to be?! A journalist or just some blogger that gets a few likes and comments. Like she’s battling a mental illness what’s the need to compare her to someone else or to bring up her looks?! Like let’s try to show a little bit of class even if we have to fake it.

    1. Yeah…..She don’t want to do this shit no more!!! Plan and simple, but when everybody is on your payroll they tend to make you feel stuck. I say leave it all minus your children and just live a simple life. She can always come back and do one of those remember the 2000’s concerts which is bond to happen.

  3. To be honest I think it’s just time for Britney, Madonna, and Janet to throw in the towel. They don’t have that same energy and enthusiasm anymore. They’re performers, not singers, and these half-assed attempts aren’t cutting it compared to their previous hits

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