jerrod carmichael is the smartest guy in the room (because he said so!)

i dunno Foxhole.
the more jerrod carmichael opens his mouth
the more he does a disservice to his brand.

at this point,
his whole brand is “i’m gay” and “my white boyfriend“.
i feel like katt williams warned us about folks getting exposed.
jerrod has been exposing himself and its been tuning folks off.
i know he is a comedian and all but he has become the joke.
is that his brand of humor?
i heard good things about his scripted show but this reality show on hbo max?


he caught a lot of heat for that slave play joke that fell flat in the pits of hell.
the breakfast club gave him “donkey of the day” and he went on there to explain it.

he could have left this explanation in the drafts.
if he has to explain the joke then it was not good.
“don’t blame or come after my white boyfriend!”, he says.
when were people going after the boyfriend?

i saw jerrod getting dragged on the socials.
i love how he said he is usually the smartest guy in the room.

…while professing that his boyfriend is smarter than him.
that’s the problem with him.

He opens his mouth and removes all doubt.

who does his PR and why are they allowing him to keep talking?
many people do not like him atm and it’s in his best interest to go mute.
he is bizarre and not in the good way.

lowkey: maybe this is a case of having book smarts and not street smarts?

7 thoughts on “jerrod carmichael is the smartest guy in the room (because he said so!)

  1. Not trolling here, but dealing with reality…I have come across many Black gay men who think just like Jerrod. The only difference is they don’t have the platform that Jerrod has to put those thoughts out in public. These days, you can’t even search for Black gay porn on websites without having to navigate through tons of interracial gay porn, generally with Black tops who are only identified and “BBC” while we nearly get a full bio about the “beautiful” white dude he is sexing. It’s like a whole agenda that is contributing to the mentality of many Black gay men.

  2. Can we admit that you know it’s bad when Charlemagne is giving you an educational mic drop? All that carrying on that Jerrod Carmichael was doing was very telling, the joke wasn’t funny and didn’t land well, he just needs to own it, but it is worth a deep dive. Let’s get honest, the slave master gets no sympathy, no empathy, no credit, no praise, and no relief, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be, especially if you’re a black person, no if, and, or but’s about it. Chris Rock told a slave joke that was similar and dealt with the literacy of the slave, however, in Chris Rock’s joke it was implied and understood that the slave master was the villain, period.

    The Jerrod Carmichael situation is quite interesting, no one cares about him being gay at this point, his whole situation just highlights the problems people have with interracial relationships across the spectrum. In my opinion, being black in the United States means being born into a struggle, a fight for your civil rights to be recognized and enforced, you have to be full-throated and 10 toes down, there is no time for the half stepping, and if your spouse, partner, or significant other makes that difficult for you by their race, then that’s a problem.

    People need to understand that there is no escape hatch from blackness, you don’t get to turn it off and on when it’s convenient, and if we’re honest that’s the vibe that many people give when they’re in these types of relationships. You get put on and made a big deal because you’re black, but when it comes time to speak truth to power, crickets.

  3. I still feel like it’s a mockumentary w some real life moments thrown in. How do you tell some grinder menz that there is a whole production crew at your house? I know yall gays will try to turn everything but a funeral into a chance to hook up, but who hooks up at work?!

    Overall I think he is just another example of someone who was (self) repressed and closeted for sooo long completely oversharing once they no longer have the closet burden to bear.

  4. This docuseries he’s doing has removed all doubt the type of person he is. I always thought it was a persona for his stage material but BABY this is really him. He could have left this alone in the closet where he was for 30 years.

  5. I watched this on a whim and I was just immediately over it. It’s crazy because we all felt some kinda about Tyler’s reaction to Jerrod’s feelings but now looking back, Tyler knew Jerrod wasn’t shit. From him sucking a random’s toes, to publicly and frequently cheating on his bf (that he loves so much), to missing his friend’s wedding. Unless this is some long-play joke, he seems to be, not only insufferable, but a shit friend. What’s appalling is, he wears it like a badge like it’s something to be proud of. I just want him to return to obscurity

  6. I really wanted to give his new coming out a chance but im going to be honest he’s been fucking up continuously since. Announcing his white bf I don’t care that much about but the race play, his weird obsession with white guys, putting random feet in his mouth on his special, etc its just been one disaster after another. I m kind of ready to check out of this era of his and get to where he’s not trying so hard to prove himself and his gayness and his attraction to white men.

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