the story of big daddy and how he ended up hard debutin’ his ex’s friend

if you meet someone who looks like this and he wants a monogamous relationship,
you better lock him down and keep him off the social forests.
Big Daddy right hea tho,
it’ll probably a few trips to pound town with some light sight seeing.

Let’s get into it.

the following entry is a doozy but its a real situation we may encounter.
every male we meet that gives us the googly eyes doesn’t always want something serious.
i think with the proper communication and the right questions,
we should already be on the same page with the person giving us the googly eyes.
so i remember seeing big daddy and motule all over my TL.
i didn’t get “relationship” from them because i didn’t see much chemistry between them.
they gave off “gays who have fucked a few times“:

who left that comment,
seems to have cum…
those two.
in more ways than one?
the F-BI alerted me of this scandal that has the forests barking

LaShawn allegedly is Big Daddy’s new manz.

…and motule is nowhere in the (or in that) picture.
lashawn was friends with motule:

and lashawn is ridin’ big daddy in what appears to be a hard debut.
there seems to be more than just slut behavior in this situation tho.
a tweet said this:

the F-Bi shared what big daddy revealed since the social forests were draggin’ them:

i mean,
if i’m gonna be 110:

Big Daddy and LaShawn are fuckin’ each other’s brains out.
They have more (sexual) chemistry than he did with MOtule.

If this was a trupple,
there would be no alleged hurt feelings and an un-following from MOtule.
It seems like Big Daddy just wasn’t into
MOtule all like that and that’s okay.
I think the “I ain’t into monogamy” thing is an front for hoe babble.

big daddy posted this:

…and i agree with him but i want him to cut the shit.

He was much more (sexually) attracted to LaShawn.
We can tell.

it is what it is.
big daddy is sick of ya’ll comin’ for him tho:

you’ll be aight,
big daddy.

lowkey: big daddy looks like he would be a good time

…and probably just needs to stay that way.
big daddy’s twitter ( x says a lot without saying it ).
if pictures don’t work:

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5 thoughts on “the story of big daddy and how he ended up hard debutin’ his ex’s friend

  1. There really is three sides to every story, because motule is out here on his podcast crying about the breakup and healing from the hurt… It’s definitely not matching the IDGAF energy big daddy is out here giving. Maybe we are all being punked and this is all for #content, #likes and #views…

  2. This is nasty work. Open relationship my ass plus Lashawn was a traveling buddy now y’all fuckin? You have to watch who have in yo inner circle cause theylll be secretly tryna infiltrate and Big Daddy gone have egg on his face. If I was motule I wouldn’t look back.

  3. I don’t think people know how many people have oral and genital herpes (yes you can get either one in either place, hsv2 is not just on the genitalia since oral sex is so common nowadays)

    Anyway, herpes is not something that general practitioners test for unless symptoms occur

    Because of this over 50% has one, either, or both.

    With that information, I am extremely careful of who I kiss or even share blunts with.

    Society is trying to normalize the weakness of the flesh and it simply dangerous. We are in an era where people try to shame individuals for monogamy. They call it boring if you aren’t going to sex parties and orgies.
    Particularly in the gay community where scientist say one in two black gay men will contract HIV, I think it’s irresponsible to promote open relationships.

    Prep and doxy are supplements, not replacements. And objectively, it is impossible to practice sexual responsibility with multiple partners who also have multiple partners.

    We are in an era where men travel solely for the purpose of hooking up in different countries and regions where medicine has not advanced in the way the US’ has. So when your boyfriends boyfriend’s boyfriend gets dick pox, now your partner has it and wants to know why.

    Simply put, if you can not trust a man around his friends, are you sure you can trust him in your ass?

  4. Polygamy is so corny to me. Yes, I’m judging.


    2 reasons:

    I have never met a couple where BOTH wanted to be polygamous.

    I have never met polygamous people who didn’t judge me for being monogamous and try to convert me.

    In summary, there’s ALWAYS one partner who went with it not to lose the one who wants polygamy entirely(even though they have) or they want to enlighten me and say some nonsense about how monogamy is white supremacy and in Africa, kings had many wives.

    Polygamy gives I want to have my cake and eat it too and I don’t believe anybody trying to push it.

    Just be a hoe. So much love to give? Couldn’t choose?

    We can barely get gay couples with 2 Black men in them and now you want to have throuples and quadruples. Y’all can’t even handle ONE other Black man!

    Chile, we want to be different in the cringiest ways.

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