is omarion the one who will destroy us all?

or is it “FUCK PEOPLE” for still keeping this going?
i kept saying by the looks of social media,
it appeared the worst of us was behind us with how folks were acting.
even irl,
i see people with no masks living their best pre-2020 lives.
after research,
it was all fairytales and fallacies.
the rona hasn’t gone anywhere.
in fact,
we got a new one called “omarion” that is about to shut my state down…

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doja cat doesn’t seem to enjoy being a star anymore

some people don’t have what it takes to be a star.
everyone wants to bypass the hard work it takes to create content.
they want to bypass that straight towards the admiration and stans NOW.


for someone like beyonce,
who literally had to wake up at 5 am to run and sing in heels to learn breath control,
that has all paid off for her becoming a legend for our generation.
i’m sure beyonce has felt pressure to do all that she does.
with big heels comes a bigger purpose.
even britney spears were out here working her ass off for her spot in pop.


some of the entertainers of today are kinda lazy and complain way too much.
rapping vixen,
doja cat,
seems like one of those entertainers.
she said she hasn’t fun being a star and hates all the things that come with being famous…

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trump kicks off kyle rittenhouse victory tour

trump is trying to set off everyone’s thanksgiving off with a bang.
so to a few others,
kyle rittenhouse is a hero.
i don’t know how he became a hero but apparently,
he is the new “american dream“.
walking around with an ak and shooting anyone on command.

that american life album from madonna wa ahead of it’s time.
trump rose from his crypt to acknowledge kyle on fox news.
he was such “a nice young man” on his victory tour in meeting trump…

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ya’ll really hate jk rowling huh?

you know,
i only watched 3 harry potter movies so far.
i can’t even remember the 3rd one (hell, all of them).
i’ll need to revisit on a future date.
i know many of ya’ll read the books and watched the movies,
but almost everyone has turned on the author,
jk rowling.
it seems many within the trans community have turned on her.
i didn’t know why until i caught up about it —> ( x here ).
she has been “canceled” depending on who you ask,
but folks still showed up at her house to randomly protest as of recent.

“Don’t be a Cissy”?

they legit had her address exposed in ^that picture they took.
those 3 individuals got dragged for being so wreckless and it caused jk to speak out

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nfl ex baller, zac stacy, legit threw his baby mama into the tv

this is one of my worst fears tbh.

Finally meeting some (baller) wolf I’m really into,
he is into me as well,
things are great until he is upset and punches me into the oven.

from nerds to wolves who play by the rules in public,
you just never know who is abusive af out here.
wtf is going on with all these toxic and abusive relationship stories these days?
i’m starting to be grateful i’m single.
ex baller jackal of the nfl,
zac stacy,
just got exposed for abusing his baby mama in front of his 5-month-old son and well…

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stevie j and faith evans think they can top “may the bext toxic relationship win” goals

remember when stevie j and faith evans dropped the bomb they were a couple of years ago?
from what i gathered,
they were fwb who were messing around for years and decided to give it a shot.

Bad move; never works

people always think when they can make something work when the foundation is built on sex.
they always don’t realize sex leads to emotions and some aren’t built for fwb situations.
thats a whole nother topic but remember how hot their music video for “a minute” was!

i guess the new thing is “may the best toxic relationship win” on social media.
it was kirk and danileigh the other day and now we got faith and stevie j on socials

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