jill scott didn’t expect a dragging for her sunday schedule but here we are

usually when chris brown is doing anything,
he is up to some shit or trying to be the victim about something.

it’s rarely ever about something productive.
as of late,
chris has been trending for his usual.


jill scott randomly decided to show love to him and it got her dragged…

this was certainly a choice.
the part about her mother’s ex-husband tho…

that is when the phone should have started typing:

“I was hacked”

this part was a choice too:


so i’m not here to police who people like and enjoy.
there are some chris brown songs and albums that i like and enjoy.
he has a great discography and is very talented.
when it comes to being realistic about who he is tho…

Chris Brown is not a good person and that’s okay.

chris needs to realize he is the villain and that’s fine.
there are many people who love villains.
there is a place for villains too.
villains can live a pretty good life until they become heinous.
chris is the charismatic villain that has no issues getting money and pussy.
i don’t understand why he is trying to be the underdog or a victim.
he will never be either of those things.

This carrying on he got going on with Quavo is getting crazy tho.
Chris said people wished Quavo died instead of Takeoff.


that fashion show wasn’t shit for sitting them right next to each other tho.
chris looked tite:

this drake vs everyone beef is lightweight compared to this.
this looks like it’s gonna get real nasty pretty soon.

lowkey: tbh,
chris ate that track up.
he won that.

3 thoughts on “jill scott didn’t expect a dragging for her sunday schedule but here we are

  1. Jill Scott definitely shook the table. At 52 years old, Jill was having a grown person conversation, and I agree with the vast majority of what she said. If we are going to be completely honest we’ve never had an honest conversation about domestic violence in the United States that was actually about saving lives and keeping people safe both women and men, our conversations have been overly simplified to women are good and men are bad, and that’s just not real.

    The older you get the more you run up against the complexities and nuances of life, you can’t just throw everyone away because they do something you don’t like. Not talking about heinous crimes like murder, rape, or child molestation, but outside of that many people that have deplorable behavior due in fact add value to society, which is why she brought up her mother’s ex-husband.

    It’s not just Rhianna or Karrueche, Chris Brown does have a history of violence and so we do have to be real about that, but given Chris Brown’s upbringing and the abuse he suffered it’s clear to see where that comes from. No matter how much therapy he gets, I think Chris Brown is purely “ Don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing” and he’s proven and shown that anybody can get it, and I think that’s hard for society to take because we believe there should be carve-outs and exemptions.

    My issue with Chris Brown is that it’s time for him to grow up, he’s been around for a long time so it’s easy to forget that he’s only 34 years old. Chris is 34 but acts like he’s 24, all of his music sounds the same so I lost interest years ago, I’m ready for Chris Brown to move into his “ grown and sexy era” like Usher. What does a 40-year-old Chris Brown look like, does he age like fine wine like Usher, I kind of doubt it seeing how he messes around with those hard drugs, what does his music sound like? The reality is you can’t be young forever.

  2. I’m w Jill on this one. Granted, she chose to post it to the internet/land of extremely basic ppl, but that’s her choice to celebrate someone’s talent. Someone’s behavior has nothing to do w their talent. If Tyler Lepley pushes an old woman down a hill, he doesn’t lose his damn looks! How many more times do we have to say ‘more than 1 thing can be true…’??

  3. Wishing death on someone isn’t cool!! Chris is showing his true colors. He definitely has issues going on and he’s too talented to be dissing another black man, we have too many issues against us already.

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