ladies should be anal about munching on mud pies served by straight males


they should be about eating booty.
you know some straight wolves love serving dirt with their cake.
according to ( x mto ),
they still seem to be doing it in 2023.

the thought alone gives me night terrors.
this is what some of ya’ll get following these ratchet hoes.
 sukihana even got the pause:

come to daddy jamari and please read carefully

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your friend can be good to you and be a complete d!ck to someone else

when we are friends with someone,
we always see the “good” in them.
we ignore the truth because we want to show loyalty.
when they get caught up in some bs,
we don’t want to believe it because they are our friends.
we think about how good they were to US.
we don’t want to imagine one of our friends could be a monster.
two things can be true at the same time.

Someone can be a friend to us
Someone can be a monster to someone else

i’ve noticed it with some gay males over the years

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i wonder if he cleans up his sperm from the backseat of his cop car?

i don’t mess with cops too tough…

…but if i met one that looked like ^this Dominican stallion,
he could do me in the cop car,
on the cop car,
under the cop car,
and through the cop car.

all jokes aside (kinda) but cops are fascinating creatures.
some of them don’t know what to do with their power.
many of them love to cheat with hookers and even their partners.
like ( x these two cops who would have sex loud in their cop car ).
 a jackal in blue named francesco marlett from maryland has no chill.
he was caught boldly having relations with his side-hoe in his backseat…

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them ones

when you’re going through the worst season of your life,
it makes you ultra-aware of who is there.

Them ones who were standing by your side.
Them ones who had an available shoulder to cry on.
Them ones who would fight an entire army by your side.

it’s the little things that you’ll notice.
it’s the little things that mean so little but mean so much.

Them ones who will suggest shows for you to watch.
Them ones who will let you borrow money without an end date.
Them ones who will buy you food because they see your fridge is empty.

it’s them ones you won’t forget when you rise from the ashes.
them ones that will never go hungry because you will keep them fed.
it’s them kellys to them beyonces.
them ones who didn’t expect anything for being there,
but you gave them everything.
them ones crying tears of joy cause you never forgot their kindness.
the rest,
have to watch from the outside

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billy porter doesn’t need the met gala, right?

billy porter,
in my opinion,
is someone who suffers from “bigego-isitis“.
remember when he was the hot ‘n’ happenings while pose was going on?
all the black folks who hate anna wintour are cheering him on today.
as you know,
or didn’t,
he called her ( x the b word ) after trying to prove his point.
in doing so,
he ( x lost his invite to the met gala ) going forward.
once a staple at the event will be no more.


he shouldn’t be upset tho…

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mustang get cut by dababy because of dajackals

we have to realize some people never change.
i don’t understand how porn hyrbid,
didn’t see the writing on the wall tbh.

When someone shows you who they are; believe them

he went into the dababy video thinking he had a clean slate…

but dajackals got him cut from the video…

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