well hello there. thank you for taking the time out to read this. i’m glad you stopped by. i know you’re probably a little blown away, confused, even a bit scared, but i’m here to say that feeling is natural. you’re in my forest now. a place where i write about:

what i find interesting
whats hot
whats not
who is attractive
who is a doofus
a whole bunch of my drama thrown in for good measure

maybe even blogged about you.

yes, you may have been the person that i just fonted about. now i need to let you know that i’m not here to be some ratchet blogger. you know the types. the “they shoulda never given them a laptop!” ones. the ones who want to expose everyone who is down low or discreet. the ones who need to sit their asses down. naw, that’s not me. that’s “that other guy” down the blogging block.
i’m here to…
you can decide that as you check me out. either way, go on and get comfy. we got so much to font about. oh where are my manners?

my name is jamari fox and welcome to my foxhole.