how to access the foxhole patreon: a help guide

so as you know,
i’ve started a patreon for the foxhole.
i’m extremely grateful for everyone who has joined.
many people are confused about how the password system works.
there are some entries that require more pictures/information.
patreon isn’t set up like the foxhole in that regard.
it actually limits A LOT.
those entries are password-protected for the foxhole patreon to access.
i made a sheet for those who may be confused below the break…

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why aren’t you being honest?

i was fonting with one of my dear best friends today in texts.
she asked me:

that question always made me nervous.
i got caught up in trying to impress her.
i always saw her as having it together but i am always a mess.
so i always wanted to look like i was doing something even if i wasn’t.
i was always full of excuses because i would do that when i was younger.
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hey guys! lets font about safety on the socials!

after that coach kellz entry,
i had two thoughts about something.

A – This Coach Kellz story has a slight clout-chasing vibe.

B – We need to talk about safety on socials.

the best way to be safe on socials is not to be on it.
since many of us choose to live our lives freely,
we need to be safe here doing so.
i thought of 9 things when it came to socials…

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coach kellz has a real life helga pataki

we don’t talk about males being stalked enough.
we make jokes about wolves getting hunted because of giving good sex.
for males,
it can be used for bragging rights.
in reality,
it can be scary af.
coach kellz (who is ^above) is handsome and his IG is a thirst trap.
i like looking at him as much as you do too.
 his stalker does as well.
so much so,
they followed him to the gas station and his school.

a foxholer sent me this for foxhole review

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dante the body is about to be married and not to who you suspect

some of us are blessed with “something” that makes people talk.
others have to do the most to keep us talking.
dante johnson aka dante the body falls into one of those spaces.
people need to realize that bisexuals date/have sex vixens too.
we live in a world where people can like/love both.

that male you see dating vixens can also like the menz too.
That doesn’t mean he is DL.

that means that he is a bisexual!


dante is an alleged bisexual and is about to be off the market

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same sex attraction can be cold

Attraction isn’t always “lets have sex right now”.
It isn’t always friendly or open.
It can be cold,
and unfriendly.
It can be protection of being exposed.

i was reading something today on reddit.
it was about things people do that they think others aren’t peeping.
it’s like we know you are high af in church,
you aren’t fooling anyone.
this was two of the comments about being attracted to someone…

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