how to access the foxhole patreon: a help guide

so as you know,
i’ve started a patreon for the foxhole.
i’m extremely grateful for everyone who has joined.
many people are confused about how the password system works.
there are some entries that require more pictures/information.
patreon isn’t set up like the foxhole in that regard.
it actually limits A LOT.
those entries are password-protected for the foxhole patreon to access.
i made a sheet for those who may be confused below the break…

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hey girl!

so i just dropped episode 8,
part 1.
it’s calledhey girl!“.
it really triggered me tbh.
i had to go back in time to a situation and relive how i was feeling.
it destroyed a friendship or what i thought was a friendship.
i don’t realize the shit i been through until i write this story.
here is a preview of episode 8…

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raggedy andy still has to show up when no one else does


one year for christmas in barbados,
the primary school i went to threw this huge event for us before vacation.
i remember seeing tons of presents in the school yard.
i went to a prestigious private school so kids were upper middle to rich.
so the presents were big and beautiful wrapped.
i didn’t want to get my hopes up that i would see anything for me.
all the kid’s parents had shown up but i didn’t see anyone there for me.
my mother,
i think,
was on a plane headed somewhere.
my father didn’t show up.
none of my other family member showed up either.
it was just me alone in that school,
watching proud parents cheering on their kids.
so i go to the pile and look through to see if i see anything for me.
i see one little box with my name on it…

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yesterday, i hated my thanksgiving leftovers

I was supposed to have a little brother.
He died in my mother’s womb.
I often wonder how his birth,
rather than my sisters,
would have changed the trajectory of my life?

i get a sense of dread when the holidays start to pull up.
if i have no plans,
the FOMO hits me hard.
last year,
i had thee best thanksgiving OOO.
karaoke’s family made me feel like i was part of their own.
it was a traditional black southern thanksgiving.
plans fell through for me to go down there again this year.
so the day of thanksgiving,
i had a pretty chill day.
the day after?…

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are anyone else in the foxhole a fellow travelers?

so i’m invested in this show.
fellow travelers on showtime is my latest tv obsession.
when its not uploaded on time,
i legit want to speak to a manager.

This show is sooooooooooo good.


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is john gaines the type of wolf we want to settle down with?

this is going to be a very superficial entry.
i don’t know is going on bts of these folks.
this is purely fantasy but kinda real too.
i ain’t even gonna hold you but…

Victoria Monet is a sher-o to many.

there is something i noticed with vixens.
in many occasions,
they’ll breed with a fine ass wolf to get stuck with.
now it often backfires but when they show me their toxic bds,
i beez like:

I get why this mistake even happened.”

i feel like victoria lucked up because not every fine wolf is good for ya.
her bd,
john gaines,
comes off different with her.
he comes off like a good father to their daughter.
not only that,
he just fine but he is FIZZ-IONES.
you gotta gargle the “fizz” in your mouth first.
he is handsome af,
has a bawdy of a sculpted greek statue,
and if you been in The Foxhole during the tumblr days

You knows he is carrying some extra weight on him.

he seems whipped on her too.
he is super supportive of her being the bread winner.
a foxholer sent me this the other day and i had to say to myself…

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he is showing faith, muscles, butt cheeks, and negro lingerie

i was JUST having a discussion with a foxholer about the following.
it was about males who have positive captions but still tryin’ to get fucked.
ya’ll know the types.
their captions are so uplifting while teasing prints and cheeks.
a foxholer sent me a the ig of antwain harley aka @muscledfaith.
he is flexing his faith pretty hard and…

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