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*this will be a sticky thread that will be updated.
UPDATE: 1/15/2024

so before we get into any updates


quincy brown wants us to know his face is perfect

i think quincy brown is “handsomes”.
not only is he “handsomes” but he has wild charisma.

even his step father knows he is “handsomes”.

he was born to be a star.
see what i did there?

quincy was blessed with one of those faces to look at all day but Foxhole,
why “come” he did this..

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UPDATE: The Foxhole limit overload?

so i just found a lead why some of you are having issues with the DEEPER/SUB.
it’s a good problem but a problem nonetheless.
this is what i got in an email today…

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the limiting beliefs of jamari fox (slow down)

the Foxhole is known for fonting about sexy males,
and piping hot tea on occasion.
we have a good time in this neck of the woods.

My bread and butter has always been sharing my struggles and trauma.

that is usually what i get messages about.
i’ve gotten messages from Foxholers in countries where they can’t be themselves.
those folks have lived vicariously and found their healing through my words.
so it’s not a shocker when i strip naked with you.

Last night in therapy,
we had to do an exercise about forgiveness.
It is on the road map to healing.

i wrote my limiting beliefs that i wanted to share.
it’s something i was gonna keep private but i wanted The Foxhole to see it.
it could help someone else…

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saddle up mocity jaybee so he is good to go

everyone is going back to the farm this summer.
even my cousin,
who is born and bred from an island,
is hooked on bey’s country era for act ii.

mocity jaybee grew up in texas and probably knows a thing or two about giddy up.
would you saddle up to ride this?…

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am i gonna have to tune into wrastling just to see montez ford?

He has the type of face I’m attracted to.

i use to be a big fan of wrastling when i was a kid.
it was hogan,
and my fav,
the undertaker.

So it was when white wolves dominated the WWE back then.

well there are a new batch of fione black wrastling wolves now.
montez ford being one of them…

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mo’nique stands ten toes down on “f*ck my son and that tiktok”

there are times i regret my rebellious phase with my mother.
when i think back,
i was a mess.
i remember telling her i got someone pregnant because she got me vex.
someone pregnant?

i don’t think i ever fully apologized for wildin’ out.
then again…

Every teenager wanted to move out with a bunch of other teenagers,
all who weren’t working,
because they had a gigantic speaker in the living room to throw parties.

…or that might have just been me.
mo’nique legit said if she knew he would be doing tiktoks about her in the future,
she would have….

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