i always get asked:

“jamari, what is a fox?”
“whats a wolf?”
“am i a fox?
or am i a wolf?”

well, i’ll tell you…

tumblr_inline_mhw0ikaYjD1ru68a9fox = bottom.
he is submissive.
he has class.
he got swag.
a vixen is a female.


wolf = top or “a straight guy”.

also when i say someone is a “wolf”,
they are straight until proven gay.



hybrid = vers.
he can either be a fox or a wolf,
depending on the person they are dealing with.


everyone one has a werewolf inside them.
i like to call it,
“your ratchet side”.
its that place you go when you are your most confident,
when you are drunk,
or when you are in a situation with no fucks to give.
there are very few who have mastered being a werewolf successfully.
even myself.


Brown Hyaena and Black Backed Jackal

hybrids and jackals are usually the messy people.
boys or girls

jackals are only out for themselves.
they tell people’s secrets,
will plot against you,
try to steal your swagg,
try to bring harm you,
and always leave a path of destruction wherever they go.
hyenas are loud mouths.
they are haters.
they tend to be subtle with their bullshit,
spreading lies about you,
and instigating drama.
when a jackal and a hyena join forces together…
well you’ve been warned.

… and there you have it.

Which one are you?

other foxhole terms:

BALLER WOLF = nfl, nba, mlb; anyone who plays a professional sport

PRE-BALLER WOLF = anyone who plays a sport in college


ATTENTIONISTO/NISTA = anyone who craves attention on social media.

CUBS = kids; anyone under 18

PINEAPPLE = another word for a “n*gga”; the common and the ratchet

HOBOSEXUAL = someone who couch surfs and pretends like they love you; let you suck and fuck you occasionally

BAGSEXUAL = a male who will do sexual things with other males for money/status/vip access.
often times,
these males claim to be straight,
but will turn the other cheek for the bag.

INSTAGRAMIFICATION = the desire of putting all of YOU on various social medias; we know everything about you, but we never met you a day in our lives

FITTED FRAUDULENCE = when you’re catfished by someone wearing any kind of hat or fitted.

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