julez smith jr is doing this modeling thing and i have thoughts

not every attractive and tall person is a model.

I’m fonting at you Mister “I Take My Shirt Off on IG” or Miss “I Like To Look Cute in Clothes”.
Some of you aren’t models either.

You’re just hot.

i just saw the pictures of julez smith jr,
who is bey’s nephew and solange’s child,
in vogue and…


he is a very handsome young wolf.
as we can see from the various leaks in the past,
he has no problems getting pussy.

he has great style as well.


if these pics were to convey to us he is a model,
they didn’t do a good job.
he looks uninterested,
and bored.
his face looks absolutely NOT thrilled to be at this photo shoot.
its giving two things:

His mother telling him he better take these pictures or he don’t eat.

He looks like these males who take pictures with their girlfriends/wives that they can’t stand.

he is lacking the charisma that male models have.
he didn’t give anything from his debut at fashion week either:

he wanted to play basketball and it didn’t work out so like the others,
modeling is the fall back.

I think he would be a better socialite and or some big deal BTS in urban fashion.

He comes from a talented family and the forest is his oyster…

…but i don’t think its gonna be in modeling.
eeeeee i’m sorrry!
he’s gonna have to really perfect and craft it starting with the facials.
i think he needs to go under the wing of a vet male models tbh.
he needs to learn both sides of the coin.

even broderick hunter could show him the ropes.

someone call tyson first:

either way,
julez is young so he’ll figure it out.

read more from his vogue article: here

7 thoughts on “julez smith jr is doing this modeling thing and i have thoughts

  1. I disagree . I think he has an amazing face and brings something different to the Modeling Game. I have done Modeling [ Print and Catwalk] .This was before social media . I was very reluctant , but the crowds I ran in kept pushing me to do it, so I did it for the clothes which I gave to my boyfriend. Back then you did not get paid a lot …Hehe.

    ( Now where was I …. Oh … yeah.. )

    Julez is just a child and will find / transform his look ( “Mustache , Braids” Bored Look) . But I like and welcome his look. He’s not the Beautiful Deep Black Sudanese Boys ( that are genetically perfect ) . And he’s not the typical Brown or light skin Prototype that gets those “Safe” Print jobs.

    Besides, like someone here stated .. “He has the celebrity factor” that the Pre Fabricated Industry believes they need and everyone seems to label as a “Nepo Baby”.

  2. He looks like most young models the new boys are all beige and they work for Asos and Calvin Klein and activewear brands. He doesn’t have to be a super model the days of Tyson are long gone bc clothing lines are mostly sold online. Even influencers are getting modeling gigs at NYFW.

    I also get a bisexual / curious read off him but that’s a different story.

  3. Issa no! Send his ass down to the Indeed or ZipRecruiter like every other young person w no discernable talent. Hell, he’d prob be better off talk-singing/rapping like all of his peers. Even Latoya Jackson had a cpl nepotism albums. But trying to make us accept this ‘boy from down the street’ lookin boy as a model, (and having the audacity to have him in vogue…smh), is not what the ppls want. Issa no!

  4. Hopefully he’ll get some coaching in the modeling industry and improve because baaaabbbyy….the family musical talent gently passed him by.

  5. He’s nobody’s print model. However, he would look better with no mustache and his hair unbraided

    1. Imma hafta agree with this. This is rough but perhaps he has that “Im going to study the craft and come back” gene that his auntie and cousin appear to have. Because otherwise….Unpopular opinion: do all celebrity children just go to the business these days? What happened to the time when celeb kids lived quietly, went to college, and then MAYBE got into some aspect of the business? We can’t ALL be stars…IJS

  6. I saw a few of his walks in a couple fashion shows and he fit in well with the rest of the models in the shows. He’s 19. He will continue to grow.

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