pfizer phatties, assemble your posts and statuses on ig because we have arrived!

well pfizer phatties,
i guess the flexin’ will be starting soon.
you know the ones on social media.


…and i’m already cringing.
so i guess this means folks who aren’t jabbed can’t use this excuse anymore.
per the fda website…

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Nicki Minaj and Cardi B: BFF Forever?

i’m starting to see that i’m kind of a forgiving fox.
i can be “over shit” real quick if i think it’s silly.
this is after a few months of “out of sight; out of mind” tho.
well i guess we can all sleep tonight.
cardi b and nicki minaj had a convo at the met ball.
i know.
their drama was keeping me up at night.
from the looks of these photos tho…
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You’ll Never Believe What He Wanted For Extra Credit


Who is teaching our cubs nowadays?

i’m very scared of who they’re allowing in these classrooms.
every other story is some pervert getting caught up.
so a teaching jackal thought he would hook two students up,
but under one alleged condition.
guess what that alleged condition was?
a foxholer sent me the story via “the root”

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Weed Can Get You Really Fucked Up Out Here

it should never be this serious for some weed.
so i was sitting here scrolling on twitter,
waiting for my jamaican patty to cook,
when i came across the following video.
a gram of weed goes missing and folks start looking for a suspect.
well a young vixen catches smoke and is forced to strip naked.
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Janet Starts The “My Baby” Tour (His Debut)

well i guess she is now more in control than ever before.
janet reveals her cub,
to the forests.
she posted this picture on her website
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Marcus Has Something In His Drawz

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 9.45.08 PMyou know how i feel about marcus.
his shoot with foto 119….
*sweat above head emoji*
well marcus has something down in his drawz
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