street n*ggas can be gay too

I know a straight male who I’m friends with,
and he has other gay male friends,
and I’ve gotten asked if he is gay by curious vixens.
I don’t many straights don’t realize how offensive that can be for all parties involved.

i don’t know why most straights get so caught up in “all gays have a certain look/action“…

…Because some of their friends and family members are gay and don’t have a certain gay look or action.
In fact,
like chameleons,
they learned to blend in and play the game to get where they need to be.

its different to them when you are supposed to look a certain way way,
act a certain way,
but feel a completely different way.
it becomes a way of life and they learn and adapt to be ninjas.
so a broken clock can be right twice a day.
benzino is that that broken clock.
he was on a podcast and they asked him his opinion about diddy smashin’ meek

wack is always trying to find out some gay shit.
i don’t think wack is gay as much as he wants something to use to bully.

people only have power over you when you keep something a secret.

Benzino is right tho.

it’s really none of our business if they did.

the fantasies are exciting but i need people to really understand something:

Two things can be true at the same time.

you can be a full blown street pineapple and be same gender loving.
you can play sports and be same gender loving.
you can rob,
and steal like the grimiest of street pineapples
and be same gender loving.
you can fuck with some of the baddest vixens and be same gender loving.
you can look extremely masculine and be same gender loving.

And on the flip side…

you can be same gender loving and not be into gay shit.
you can be same gender loving and never step foot on the gay scene.
you can be same gender loving and still like vagina too.
you can be same gender loving and be super private about your sexuality.

All of these things can exist in the same Universe because they are all happening all at once.

remember when i fonted that everything is happening all at once and at the same time?

lowkey: its gonna take the straights a long time to accept this,
aint it?

11 thoughts on “street n*ggas can be gay too

  1. Benzino is right though. First of all a lot of street dudes mess with trans women that’s where all that rage comes from. If they really were repulsed they wouldn’t do it. They’re willing to risk exposure at the hands of transgender women to have them sexually.

    Do we really believe unmarried men are going without sex in prison for decades?

    At the least, they’ll receive oral from a man bc they don’t view that as gay because they think it asserts dominance.

    I used to hang out in a particular area of nyc on the block around a lot of drug dealers. One told me I had a fat ass. He used to think it was funny to go through my friends phone and look at his gay tapes and nudes. That same night I was waiting for the train and a younger dl (no older than 19), asked was I interested in having sex with him “right quick” the thing is they don’t want to go on dates, they just like what they see and want to feel it. Some of them will never come out.

    Back in the days of MySpace and before everyone wore oversized clothes. Look at old chocolate cream and Latino Fanclub vids. The bottoms were wearing 4x tees and fitteds. This whole “cunt” gender fluid thing is new. Now “straight” men are painting their nails. Most gays born before 1995 were DL or discrete at some point, especially in school. You were ostracized for being gay and many of them had to fight. A friend of mine had to get a GED later in life because he was expelled due to a severe beating he gave a bully.

    So the same society that raised straight men into savages doesn’t acknowledge sexuality. The same rough upbringing hood dudes get all around regardless of what gender they like.
    That’s why I hate the notion that it’s somehow toxic to like masculine men. That’s the way many people are socialized. If trans women and cis women can have their choice of masculine or feminine gay men, gays can, too.

  2. The fact that people are more interested in who that grown man is screwing, instead of who he’s abusing, trafficking, stealing from, etc says ….straight men are just as much gossip queens as women! I know we don’t like to put titles on people for every like thing.
    However, men who seem to desperately want to know who the thug rappers are , always are Sus af. They’re looking for men who present masc like themselves. They want the comfort to know you can be SGL and not be/look like a Fa**et and they want popular examples. Men are just as curious about same sex attracting In Many cases (even if only for oral). They can claim it’s to expose th truth, but I call Bs. Most men I know who are straight don’t have much time for that. The info may fall in their lap, but they aren’t investigating into that. My 2 cents

  3. The gays need to understand this, too! They are often the main ones trying to shame masculine SGL men and suggesting they’re not “living in their truth” because they’re masculine. Shit is weird. It’s like they fantasize about str8 men, but don’t believe masculine SGL men really exist.

    1. It’s envy
      The fact you can fit into spaces comfortably without your sexuality being questioned or automatically assumed . They feel like you’re getting away with something (scrutiny). That’s when they get the itch to confirm your sexuality to others, if they happen to know it. Im sure they’re are other nuances, but it’s mostly envy.

      1. Let’s nip this in the bud. The commenters on this blog are beyond predictable. If it’s not lusting over a lightskin bottom with green eyes and abs that y’all will pretend is a top until his hole pics leak, it’s glorifying the DL lifestyle.

        Nobody envies DL men. Y’all can’t even have a consistent definition of it.

        Is DL the man who keep purposely reoffending to go back in jail where they can be free to get D?

        Is DL the ones who aren’t on apps and only meet in parks and alleys?

        Is DL the ones who “don’t send face” and only meet to prove they’re not catfish?

        Is DL the ones who are married but sleeping with men?

        Y’all don’t know what y’all are or what y’all want.

        Which is why you have to push the myth that everybody wants a DL man.

        If DL were something to be envied, y’all wouldn’t be getting exposed all the time.
        If DLs could stick to their masc4masc, y’all wouldn’t be getting bent over by trans women and fem bottoms.

        The truth of the matter is the DL is the loudest one in the room talking about puzzy.

        How do I know? Because your mysterious evasive DL men stay in my inbox and in my face. Asking me where the bad b*tches are. Asking me if I smoke. Asking me if I have a sister because I look like a girl when I bend over. Saying No Diddy after every sentence but constantly feeling me up while using laughing as a cover.

        Every single one of you “I’m so masc/nobody knows” eventually ends up getting exposed for being a huge sissy.

        There’s a reason DLs kill after sex. Because who they’re sleeping with CANNOT BLEND IN. If it was only with others who “Had something to lose” they’d be as elusive as the Illuminati.

        The worst part of this is that you, Kane yourself, are not masc, nor DL, so for you to perpetuate this BS is just like women pushing patriarchy.

        STDs and rants about Lil Nas X are such a thing to envy.

        Boy, BYE!

        1. Why are starting static and writing dissertations at me without context? I meant what I said , and two things can be true at once. I literally left another comment of my own. This was in response to this comment. Take that misguided anger somewhere else.

    2. This! It’s all about exposure. There are gay men who are confused and 2nd guess when a masculine man is said to be SGL. Like, still. In 2024. And just like you said, the whole fawning over straight men is because they don’t associate SGL w masculinity. The number of gay men who aren’t even feminine, but who ‘perform’ femininity because it’s what the visible gay masses around them do, is crazy. Playing heteronormativity is a helluva drug.

      1. For clarity, I was agreeing w the overall notion, not envy. If anything, more like resentment. But every group has its privileges, including feminine men.

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