speaking of diddy and his rumors…

you know when rolling stone gets to investigating ya.
so rolling stone was doing a 6 month deep dive on all things diddy and…

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rumors aren’t true when he is black, straight, and powerful

in that tweet above,
carlton from the fresh prince of bel-air shook the table the other day.

whatever tyler perry did/has done bts has cartlon not interested.
cartlon stays in his lane and isn’t really problematic.
might the rumors we have heard about tyler have truth in them?
the other day,
busta rhymes’ bodyguard alleged that he’s on the DL.

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let’s pray for the douche bags, the a**holes, and the scumbags

in this digital age,
what does it take for us to see through the smoke and mirrors?

take the above nonsense from kelly price,
for instance.
po’ po’ kelly price.
it made me think about all the celebs that church folks have wasted prayers on.

Rihanna’s bruised face was everywhere online, yet somehow, we were supposed to pray and forgive Chris Brown while Rihanna was painted as the villain by many in the black community. He went on to get awarded mad BET Awards that same year while BET continued to spite Rih.

R. Kelly preyed on young girls, dated a young Aaliyah, and abused them all. But we were still told to pray for him, while his victims were labeled “fast.”

Megan Thee Stallion gets shot, there’s video evidence, yet Tory Lanez is seen as the victim because she allegedly had a questionable past.

Diddy, with his history of abuse and power plays, makes an “apology” video, and suddenly, he needs our prayers and sympathy. Not only that, the rumors are Cassie deserved that beating because she alleged stole a Rolex from someone worth 800 million and continued to date this alleged “thief” after this.

so on and so forth…
do you see the pattern here?
whenever someone is a victim

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diddy is gonna try to sell us a bridge in brooklyn next

i couldn’t help but wonder,
in a world without the internet

Would we still be hanging on to Diddy’s every word,
taking his “apology” at face value?

the real kicker is,
he managed to trip over his own statements by his actions.

diddy said his accusers,
cassie included,
were fabricating stories for a quick payday.
he even said in another post that time will tell the truth.
but then,
a video surfaces of his abuse caught him up in 1080p.
what really gets me when watching the “apology” video

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(did he do that?) so diddy was allegedly out here drillin’ carl winslow?

when i font you that i SCREAMED when i saw this shit on twitter just now.
you know i always drop my work my social media,
but when i saw this on my timeline,
i damn near fell off the chair.


so you know the curious fox in me went to investigating.
so i found the original interview with carl winslow aka reginald veljohnson.
he played the father in family matters with urkel.
it was an ET clip from a year ago:

….but he didn’t speak about getting alleged drilled by diddy.
this alleged tale came from luce cannon,
who allegedly attended one of diddy’s parties where he saw the drillin’.
he was on the podcast,
drinks with ginx,
and said…

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street n*ggas can be gay too

I know a straight male who I’m friends with,
and he has other gay male friends,
and I’ve gotten asked if he is gay by curious vixens.
I don’t many straights don’t realize how offensive that can be for all parties involved.

i don’t know why most straights get so caught up in “all gays have a certain look/action“…

…Because some of their friends and family members are gay and don’t have a certain gay look or action.
In fact,
like chameleons,
they learned to blend in and play the game to get where they need to be.

its different to them when you are supposed to look a certain way way,
act a certain way,
but feel a completely different way.
it becomes a way of life and they learn and adapt to be ninjas.
so a broken clock can be right twice a day.
benzino is that that broken clock.
he was on a podcast and they asked him his opinion about diddy smashin’ meek

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