orlando brown lets us know diddy allegedly gave him something…

orlando brown is out of control.
his tour of “let the tea pour” has been an interesting one.
he has given us a warm cup about trey songz,
nick cannon,
and bow wow.
this is the next alleged reveal on his “they did what to who?” list…

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diddy is getting heavy

“the more you’ll die for someone,
the more they’ll kill you.” – quote i saw on a youtube channel, x brilliance

males are interesting.
let me not say males cause i know a few idiotic vixens.

People are interesting

they will treat you horribly,
ignore you,
but when you dip out on them or die

They want to tell the whole forest just what an amazing person you were/are.

i think it’s human nature to neglect things we possibly love.
that is the story of diddy for me.
diddy is interesting…

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lori harvey probably knows what you’re thinking already

i think lori harvey is one of the most beautiful of attentionistas.
i think her facial is perfect.
i’d imagine many wolves are hounding down her dms.
she could have anyone.

baller wolves
stock brokers

…but it seems one has allegedly caught her fancy.
the shade room” posted who…

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diddy makes a pop up in cassie’s new life

i love when folks can move on from mess,
especially toxic mess.
cassie was in toxic mess for a number of years with diddy.
she finally left and looks so much happier with her new wolf,
alex fine,
who allegedly was diddy’s personal trainer.
cassie is pregnant with her first:

…and he is overjoyed.
diddy posted this

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someone give diddy a hug for me

some people don’t realize what it’s like to lose a loved one.
imagine losing two parents?
when holidays or special occasions come around,
you can really feel their absence.
i’ve spent the last couple days on the couch,
crying randomly over this upcoming “mother’s day”.
some years it’s i’m good”; other years can be tough.
this is a tough year.
so diddy is still grieving the loss of kim porter,
who died last year of pneumonia.
on the “yes girl!” podcast from “essence”,
diddy broke down while speaking about his first mother’s day without kim…
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the children are starting to speak (kim porter)

the death of kim porter really saddened me.
even though she wasn’t a big public figure,
she was still a “someone” within the industry.
the out pouring of love and condolences have proved that.
i have not stopped thinking about it since.
she left behind 4 beautiful cubs in her sudden death:

nothing is worst than losing a mother at a young age.
i already know and wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.
well some of them started posting their tributes.
this is who had what to font on their instagram accounts…
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