what is brown, muscle, and thick all over? (keith washington aka k00lkeith)

speaking of thick,
keith washington aka @k00lkeith serves the whole platter.
and a perfect tail.

the way this mofo fills out a pair of jeans like in the ^above shot.

i won’t lie to you foxhole,
but i love looking at him in motion

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has ariana grande always been this tiny?

*i started this thing where i don’t eat after 8 pm.
even if it’s cereal,
i curve anything going in my mouth after that time.
not everything.
it’s not for weight loss since i’m a slim fox,
but i have suffered from digestion issues for years.
so far,
this gives my stomach time to digest my food before i go to bed.

so in white hollywood,
white vixens will fight to be a size 2.
i guess it looks “better” on screen?

Has Ariana Grande always been a size 0?

i mean…
she already looks like she is about 12 years old.
i swear she was thicker-ish in her past eras.
these recent pictures she posted on her ig tho…

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so i indulged in harlem on amazon prime and well…

i love shows that revitalize my sense of purpose.
we all need a boost from our current circumstances.
even though the shows are fiction,
we often see what we want in life through the lens of a tv show.
all the white vixens moved to new yawk to experience that “sex and the city” lifestyle.
i worked with white girls that piled in a one-bedroom to live their best hoe life because of that show.

harlem on amazon prime did that for me over the weekend.
it was created by tracy oliver who was a writer on one of my favorite “black girl friendship” movies,
girls trip“.
the show was also executive produced by pharrell williams and amy poehler.
i saw the trailer a week ago:

…and i was sold when i saw my childhood crush,
meagan good.
after watching it in one sitting until 4 am on saturday…

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nick cannon loses his youngest to brain cancer

life can be a rollercoaster.
it has so many dips and twists.
we can go from celebrating to someone’s pipe leakage to mourning in the next font.
nick cannon,
who i just fonted about his pipe leakage,
has lost his youngest son,
to brain cancer
on sunday.

he spoke about it on his show,
the nick cannon show“…

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i move different because i grew up a little different (past life situations)

one of my most favorite celebs i’ve ever met was charity from the show,
deborah joy winans and i talked for close 2 hours.
she is so dope and joy (see what i did there) to speak to.
you would have thought we knew each other for years.
so much so,
we followed each other on my personal social media.
i’m a very warm and friendly person so this is why i took a lot of front desk jobs.
she was one of the many celebs that i met at my last job.
i’ve met kenya moore and she was really friendly to me.
that was 2 years ago and i never posted about it.
even with a platform like mine,
i’ve kept all my celeb encounters super lowkey.
i move differently but i think it all stems from how i grew up tbh.

I haven’t even begun to crack open my past back in Barbados…

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englewood barbie wanted us to know she was at virgil abloh’s funeral

people are serious clout chasers out here.
they will do any and everything to see their names in likes.
even if they are known for doing charity work.
you think they’re doing some grand gesture in the name of charity,
but it’s really to fulfill thier secret needs to be…
i’ve never heard of aleta clark aka englewood barbie before.
from my research,
she is a chicago activist who does a lot of work for the area.


( x see all i saw on google about her )
so she was invited to the late virgil abloh’s funeral but did alla this…

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