meek mill said that the sex in atlanta will have him saved in 2021

i guess he wants to experience a little more until then?
those eyes have seen some thangs apparently.

i have heard a lot of things about atlanta.
the christian folks say it’s a modern-day sodom and gomorrah down there.
isn’t that the whole world at this point?
i’ve heard that the sex life in atl is on another level.
the level of smut that you can find yourself in…

meek mill posted this on his twitter…

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nicki minaj and meek mill have an (ex) lovers spat

she looks gorgeous here.
okay so it’s the first week of february and drama still continues.
2020 has absolutely no plans of slowing down.
i get on twitter and ig and see this:

first off…

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meek mill is “daddy”

is meek mill “daddy”?
i never looked at him in that way,
but i guess so.
straight wolves are so interesting to me.
they can say the most suspect shit,
but it’s always a “whatever“.
diddy brought meek out to his pool and…

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“Free Meek!” The “Yes Men” Said.

my home-wolf nearly chewed me out over meek mill today.
all because i said he brought it on himself.
he gonna say a whole bunch of shit and then gonna say:

“you could as well support police when they shootin us.
meek innocent and you hatin.”

“first of all,
calm your ass down.
you don’t know that PINEAPPLE okay????”

i said the “n” word that we banished on the foxhole.
i apologize in advance.
stans need to really pull it together.
eva marcille put up a post on her ig that confused the fuck outta me.
this is what she fonted
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Meek Mill Will Be Unavailable For The Next Few Years

 i didn’t see this coming.
i shoudln’t have since i don’t listen to meek anyway.
meek mill is heading back to prison.
he violated his parole and the judge didn’t go easy on him.
this is his sentence via people
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Safaree Ain’t About To Be “The Shade Room!” Today

just maybe…
every year i say i wish i could attend the bet awards.
i start to see why i’m good.
so safaree was allegedly jumped outside dj khaled’s bet awards party.
meek mill was the alleged hit man to orchestrate the scheme.
you know there was gonna be a video of some connects and the aftermath.
“the shade room” and “dj akademiks” got it all for the foxhole review…
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