yk osiris got a “teachable moment dragging” over violating sukihana and her boundaries

one thing many people lack is respecting others’ boundaries.
i don’t care what kind of reputation someone has,
it doesn’t give you the right to automatically pass “go”.
i don’t know WHAT yk osiris was thinking when he did this to sukihana:

that random kiss is giving “the gay rumors aren’t true!
i am straight and all the wimmenz lub me.”
it was so awkward and weird.
it’s like someone told him that was a good idea.
this was her tweet after:

she didn’t ask for it but yet he gave it.
social media went off on him and accused him of sexually assaulting her.
it led to him having to apologize publicly on his ig…

good look on him acknowledging where he violated.
i’m sure that merciless dragging gave him a jump start.

What does he even do for a living?

…cause he doesn’t have enough clout to be out here getting canceled.
i’m glad he wants to do better.
meek mill came through with the quick coddle because no one asked him:

“we don’t need our young bulls tore down in this hyper sex era”???
he is drunk?
tf is he even typing about?
this would be a perfect time for him to:

it’s giving “she has a sexualized image so she is asking for it” vibes.
he can find his way into this but is silent on other issues.

yk is 24.
he is a grown-ass man and should know better.
he would flip a table if a gay male grabbed his pipe.
i’m sure he has his boundaries set up there.
the same rules apply.

lowkey: usher and all the sexy r&b wolves wouldn’t even try this either.
they whole job is to sell a fantasy and they understand boundaries.

screen grabs: tmz 1 | tmz 2

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  1. And to prove my point about straight black men never holding each other accountable, here comes meek mill making excuses. Never fails.

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