meek mill said that the sex in atlanta will have him saved in 2021

i guess he wants to experience a little more until then?
those eyes have seen some thangs apparently.

i have heard a lot of things about atlanta.
the christian folks say it’s a modern-day sodom and gomorrah down there.
isn’t that the whole world at this point?
i’ve heard that the sex life in atl is on another level.
the level of smut that you can find yourself in…

meek mill posted this on his twitter…

it sounds like he got turnt tf out.
was someone was eatin’ his groceries,
as he was missionary with some vixen,
but he was eatin’ out whoever was in front of him?

Was he doing something worse?

now i wanna know.

i gotta ask the foxhole...

Is Atlanta that bad when it comes to their sex life?

lowkey: i always heard the dl males down there are on another level.
they won’t play games and will hit on you in public.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “meek mill said that the sex in atlanta will have him saved in 2021”

      1. Didn’t mean to reply to a previous comment in my last post…sorry… but I also wanted to mention that actual DL men, don’t hang out in, let alone, shoot their shots in gay spaces. Ijs

    1. All those 20 something onlyfans twinks have taken it to the next/worst level. There’s always been the jokes about sex being the gay man’s handshake, but it has gone from repressed men who society forced to meet late at night in parks and cruising areas, to young man-boys acting as if, if 2 gay men are in the same room, the mindset is, ‘well, we might as well fuk, because…what else is there to do’??

  1. Jamari, I think I told you before, this ain’t nothing new! As a former Atlantan, I can attest, it’s true, although now I think it’s amplified to the 20th power! Just about anything goes, and if you’ve got a high sex drive you’ll fit right in. It’s like being a kid in a candy store,so much to choose from, and it’s so easy to get caught up,I’m so thankful I made it out alive because a lot of people I know didn’t. Fine men everywhere, married or not. My only advice; use protection and proceed with caution.

  2. ….sure, if you’re good with often contracting an STD, STI or HIV, drama, and you want to be single forever. Don’t believe the hype. Hell..Atlanta niggas hit me up here in Canada complaining. But do you.

  3. i live in ATL and thats the difference the “DL” dudes or straight acting guys are VERY aggressive and will hit on you without caring… one dude followed me to parking lot right when i got off the plane when i first came to visit…but thats the only difference…its no different than any other freaky shit that you will see in any other city except most cities are more discreet especially in the south but ATL is in your face!! they dont care!

  4. Been in Atlanta my whole life. If you’re into dudes, it’s very easy to find someone to mess with. VERY easy. If you’re a straight man that isn’t a rapper, drug dealer, or something like that, it’s about the same as it is everywhere else.

  5. Meek-isha is a damn bussy bwoy. Philly niggas ass and dick be good af so I know someone’s enjoying that chocolate. Own it!

    Anyway, ATL is an oversexed city. Everyone’s horny and hypersexual 24/7. The only other place I’ve been like that is Miami.

    The DMV is similar, but that’s only because people are bored + they’re all about image, so they’re much safer/discreet.

    No wonder the CDC HQ is in the ATL. They’re spiking their water with aphrodisiac and psychotics to make them horny and lack judgment.

  6. ATL is like vultures to out of state men and nuns to their own city. Its like they can smell fresh dick and ass. Ain’t no telling what Meek saw, but from what Nicki Minaj said, he working with a monster. He definitely came across something.

  7. I went on a business trip to Atlanta about three years ago. You can literally fuck all day every day if you want. It’s that kind of party. And the gay men are bold as fuck. You can be walking with a woman — out shopping with one. They will hit you up anyway lol.

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