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which emoji do you send when you want some sex? (don’t send the obvious!)

i am not a picky fox when it comes to texting a wolf that i’m into.
i only have a few “leave unread until further notice” tho:

1. Dry-ass texting gets you ghosted.
2. I don’t need good morning or good night texts. Just text.
3. I shouldn’t hear from you in days.
4. Sending me nudes without warning gets you ghosted for life. Period.

i’m pretty much down for anything else.
a foxholer sent me a study from the us emoji trend report,
something i didn’t know was a “thing”,
about the one emoji that will make you less likable

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he has monkeypox all over his face!!!!

one of the foxholers said to me the other day:

“They will be able to spot the DL males who catch Monkeypox.”

that is going to be very interesting.
the days of 7 partners in one weekend may take a short break.
hookups on grindr and jack’d may end up being scruffed.
more and more gay males are speaking out about catching monkeypox.
( ^that gentleman’s story is wild )
this gentleman had sex with a few prospects during pride weekend in ny:

( x and this is his story )
i saw a tweet that i’m gonna warn you about now.
you are being warned.


this is another story with images below…

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