that time diddy allegedly bought sex toys for some fun with ja rule?

imagine having ^that bawdy join bed with you?
ja rule probably still has one of the best bawdies in hip-hop at 46.


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i am always down for fox talk about the sex lives of industry folks.
industry males do whatever and whatever so their stories are top-tier.
diddy’s former bodyguard,
gene deal,
had an alleged story to tell about the time:

Diddy bought sex toys for a night with Ja Rule…

@theartofdialogue #Diddy’s ex bodyguard Gene Deal claims that he saw Diddy go into a hotel room with #JaRule ♬ original sound – The Art Of Dialogue

diddy went shopping for sex toys including butt plugs.
sarah chapman,
and another vixen flew into north carolina for a show.
the night before,
they allegedly all had a 4some in a presidential suite.
they got interrupted and ja said to the bodyguard…

“You don’t want to come up in there.
A lot of freaky stuff is going on.”

i can only imagine.

i bet diddy has some good sex stories tbh.

I bet all the industry males have good sex stories.

i think we would probably faint if we found out who has messed with who.
same and the opposite sex.
i know i’ve heard some reveals that left my mouth wide open.
if this story is true,

who woulda thunk diddy and ja would be in bed together?
i want more.

12 thoughts on “that time diddy allegedly bought sex toys for some fun with ja rule?

  1. I can believe that Diddy is into getting hit with the strap most of them high power guys are used to being dominated, he probably also like trans women

    1. When the dick is big does it matter who type it is. Clearly that head nod he gave Ja was enough to go back in that room. Usher saw some shit up in Diddy private rooms, its a bunch of people saw some shit up in Diddy private rooms. Didn’t Katt Williams say he walked into a room full of guys. When Diddy and Ja come out naked and the girls don’t come out, that is a clear sign there was some dick sucking while some tongues were licking pussy. You figure out who was doing what. When you horny and you get interrupted and you see it ain’t got nothing to do with you, what you gon do… go back and finish. So what Diddy bisexual. He likes fucking women while he fuck around with guys. Look how many kids he got. He a freak

      1. I meant I thought Diddy was allegedly a top and allegedly liked them young, fem and thin (ahem, hence the male R&B singers he went after) not thuggish and masc and muscular like Ja Rule.

        1. Why you think he with Caresha. He got a low key fem. His new name is doctor love. The man is a freak. He loves pussy but he must low key love dudes or is that touchy dude in a threesome where he grabbing dude dick or getting turned on by watching her do something to his dick, I mean even dude said nah, its some freaky shit going on up in there you don’t want to come up in there! What freaky shit going on where you don’t want another straight man to see?! Straight men will invite as many dudes to the party if she busting down the crew. You past that stage of sharing cause that’s what she is into. When you getting freaky and you don’t want no questions asked… you doing suspect shit or you straight getting down. Amber Rose said Kanye like fingers up the booty too. Dante the Body the fitness trainer, go check his onlyfans out. Dream bully on twitter. Mr. XL the stripper, I’m just saying the straight fellas tooting the ass up now

  2. Ja and Irv used to do a lot of ecstasy it’s confirmed in superhead book as well as their own accounts I don’t doubt they had orgies and did freak shit

    Ever wonder why women get recycled? It’s bc they’re down for whatever they’re known freaks

    Sarah Chapman used to date tupac

    Chrissy Lampkin used to date alpo (nyc) Jay z mentioned her in the early 00s before she was known mainstream


    Lori Harvey

    Gloria Velez


    Erica Mena

    Evelyn Lozada

    Charli Baltimore

    These are basically women who have seen it all in entertainment and for the most part, aside from superhead they don’t tell nearly half of what they know and theyre always financially secure because of it

  3. Well remember when him and DMX was feuding years ago. DMX said Ja Rule let his me stylist 🥒 his hole! I don’t seem DMX lying about that. The radio interview is on youtube. So this is not surprising.

  4. Listen, if Ja didn’t have that damn muskrat/squirrel face (which hasn’t aged) he’d have been an even bigger problem in the game! If he’d have been fine, he would have been on a completely different level. That body has always been fire.

    1. Hope you’re not surprised. We all know Diddy go down like that and he has stories for a lot of dem others like Ja Rule 😂😂😂 but they are big people. Let them enjoy themselves 🤓

    2. ‘Muskrat/squirrel face . . . .’ 💀💀💀He definitely has that ugly sexy thang going on that I liked.

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