joe budden is still shouting from the rooftops that he is bisexual

they say joe budden is joking about being bisexual but i’ll be honest,
i’m still waiting for the gotcha.
i’m waiting for the punchline.
i’m still waiting to hear from him:

“Nah fam,
that was just jokes to prove a point…”

it’s been a year since joe budden allegedly ( x claimed he is bisexual ).
over the weekend,
an audio drop from his podcast fueled more claims about this.
they were talking about dababy and the power of the gay community.
joe decided to hop in and say…


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…that he is bisexual,
he likes guys and girls,
and to spread the word.
uh huh…

joe doesn’t perform anymore and he is currently dating this vixen:


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i have this theory he said it so it won’t be used against him by ex-friends.
jump on the story before it jumps on you.
spill your own tea before anyone can start a tea party without inviting you.
this is one of those situations where we have to say:

I guess?”

or as one of the foxholers said:

“Let’s leave the trolls under the bridge.”

eta: okay umm…

^this happened and i guess i got my answer on this good mondee.

lowkey: joe is fine af when he cleaned up.
i know he is younger here but he looks…


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22 thoughts on “joe budden is still shouting from the rooftops that he is bisexual”

  1. I take it you didn’t see his tweet talking about how he would make fizz come out of fizz

  2. I told yall before, this niga might not fall directly on the ‘BI’ bullseye exactly, but he is def on the spectrum. He is not your average idiot rapper who glorifies hoodratry. He is definitely intelligent enough to know that sexuality isn’t Black n white. He is a virgo, after all 😉

    And he is also intelligent enough to know that he has been branded as only into lslh Latinas, and it benefits his optics to (at least) post up w a thick, brown sista.

    He’s def welcome to hang out on this side of the tracks anytime. Ijs…

      1. That’s why I said ‘hang out’. I ain’t tryna marry his ass. I could argue w him all day on some of his opinions, but we could still get a dope ass 69 poppin before and after! Ijs…

      2. You mad I want him growling in my ear, huh?

        I’d let Stevie J hit too!

        Smash, not marry. But definitely not pass!

          1. You know the vibes Jason.

            Those lustful, will regret it because you’re not supposed to be so weak in the flesh, but had you weak in the knees “I have lived” moments make life worth it.

            Good googly moogly.

  3. When I saw his leaked pics I instantly thought homoerotic he seems his freak level is ofd the charts by how much pubes he had it def gave man “ musk fetish “ but then when he went on lahh and wasn’t having sex with a much younger cyn I said yeah most men cover up their love for dick by using the dumb Latina models (latinas notoriously fake their men back after cheating with men) I wouldn’t be surprised if he has gotten oral from a fem queen

    I love that men are being more openly unabashedly playful with the bisexual/gay thing even if it’s jokes (Joe said he’s bi because lgbt can’t be canceled)

    I think it trickles down. I’ve been in a lot of parties lately where the men are for the taking. The more openly fluid options we have the more of us in the community can get married and partnered bc the stock we gave currently ain’t it!

  4. Call it “wishful thinking” ,but I believe he is Bi-Sexual!

    I smell —– “Same Gender Lovin Pushin “N” A Shovin”— funkiness on Mr Budden .

    I always have. I find him sexy . (Except for the abuse aspect) Violence is never acceptable !!!

  5. Joe is not bisexual but he is an abuser, alleged baby killer, and hates black women and tear them down every chance he gets! However let him pander to the gay community we’ll eat that shit up and forget about his homophobic problematic past!

    1. Maybe you know this man and his story personally…but most of us are just having a little fun. No marriage proposals that I’ve seen.

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