When Looking For Sex Gets You Screwed (And Not With A Happy Ending)

clean him up,
take his shirt off,
put him in some work out gear,
and throw a filter on him…
 he is someone most of the foxhole would fuck off a hook up site.
folks can deny it all they want,
but being horny can cloud your judgment while hunting for sex.
more and more,
these apps are showing us that trash has taken over.
^that is anthony shelton above and he’s a full fledged hyena.
he ran with his pack and robbed/assaulted a number of gays off “grindr”.
a foxholer sent me the story via “star-telegraph”

A young Frisco man who participated with other men in four home invasions last year in which gay men were tied up and assaulted was sentenced Monday to 20 years in federal prison.

Anthony Shelton, who was 19 at the time of his indictment last year, is the third Frisco man to be sentenced for the federal hate crime. A fourth is awaiting trial.

Shelton entered a plea agreement Monday.

Mr. Shelton accepted responsibility for his role in this case by pleading guilty,” Scott Palmer of Addison said in an email. Palmer is Shellton’s attorney. “Anthony expressed his sincere remorse for his actions and the harm he caused to the victims. This case took a heavy toll on his family and friends who were shocked he would be involved in anything like this.”

The men used Grindr, a social media dating platform for gay men, to arrange to meet victims in January and February 2017 in homes in Plano, Frisco and Aubrey, federal prosecutors say. Authorities reported four home invasions in those cities.

Once inside a victim’s home, the men, who were armed, bound the victim with tape, beat him up and made derogatory statements to the victim for being gay, federal authorities say. They also stole property from the victim, including his vehicle.

As part of a plea agreement, Nigel Garrett, 21, was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison this past January for his involvement in the hate crimes. Chancler Encalade, 20, received a 10-year sentence in February.

between getting robbed/murdered off chat sites,
folks putting hallucinogens in your drinks and raping you,
not telling you their status and giving you HIV/other diseases,
and all the other mess i’ve reported on the foxhole…

Are we literally getting screwed every time we go looking for sex?

i know everything is a risk,
but i don’t want to die for it.
the celibacy of jamari fox continues!
be careful
out there foxhole.

lowkey: anthony was also a pre baller wolf too…

throw the whole hyena away.

article cc: star-telegram

14 thoughts on “When Looking For Sex Gets You Screwed (And Not With A Happy Ending)

  1. At what point does personal responsibility kick in?

    I’ll bet anything the victims were old enough to know better because they’d actually had to have something to steal!

    These grown ass gay dudes think they’re going to get some young, big dick and will literally invite a complete stranger to where they lay their heads at night not knowing a single thing about them smh.

    These younger dudes are savages! I work with them
    so I see it everyday. They have no qualms about robbing elderly, women, and children so you think they won’t rob or kill your gullible ass?!

    They probably robbed guys that didn’t even report it out of embarrassment.

    Nope, I’ve never been that dumb for sex. Even when I went to strangers houses I’d leave my wallet and phone hidden in the car with the location on and I NEVER invited a stranger to my house.

    1. ^i agree.

      NO ONE comes to my home and i don’t go to theirs.
      i learned that once i started seeing the fuck shit in this life.
      we will meet in public and do a hotel.
      my den is my sanctuary.

    2. Lol i use to invite them to my house, my mindset was if they tried anything its my turf so i know all the ins & outs & i use to hide a big ass butcher knife in my couch cushion too lol all while im conversating with them smh lol….. oh the dumb days…

  2. Be certainly isn’t anything I’d be attracted to, that’s for sure. I will say this that once in my college days I was on Jackd and this dude kept asking me to come over to his place. Bruthas seem not realize that I am very clever & I’m never THAT horny to be blind to the fact that scammers are all around. Long story short he said he was by himself towl which later I find out (through careful questioning) that someone else was there too. Eventually the conversation shifted from coming to see him, to coming to see “them” and asking me for gas money and what not (which is dumb) BUT most jackals know that the general gay male is full of superficially attractions..If you’re light skinned, tall and got a big dick…You’re the Messiah.

    Thankfully, none of that appeals to me…(well big peens are nice to look at hanging sometimes..🤔)

    I think people in general often forget that just because something looks good doesn’t mean it is. The best thing to do is find one man that can turn you on AND make you laugh (always aspire to find a man that can keep a smile on your face outside of the standard dick-down). Someone you can have a relatable conversation with.

  3. Thanks for posting this Jamari, sometimes we get weak (horny) and let our guard down!! BevcareBe out there foxhole!!!

  4. Smh sad but nothing new

    You can’t even go get you a quick nut without some damn looney tune tryna bust you upside yo head

  5. I just got bamboozled yesterday, and yes, as you described we can get caught up in the moment. A guy on grindr gave me his location near a motel but get this, he wanted to screen me because he got robbed and beat up once and sent me pics. To feel safe before meeting he gave me website about dating safe and told me to fill the application that first made me create a account. Then next, a link popped up and asked for credit card info. I put it in and click ok, the next thing I know I get a message from my bank about charges. It was to too late and got charged for a cam dating. I called the bank to cancel my card, and the creepy thing about he was 51ft from the location. This was a close call yesterday and I should have known better and that could have been me beat up.

      1. If someone asks on hookup site and they are getting clever, to fill an application for any reason, RED FLAG!!!

  6. Won’t even lie, dude is cute, I saw the pick first & said “Ohh” read the title & said “Ehh” , all I can say is at least they didn’t kill anyone, but yeah they did the crime so do the time! But 19 and throwing THAT much of your life away 🤦🏾‍♂️ I mean twenty years!?!! DAMN! They weren’t playin with this one! No community service, house arrest, nothin! What they did was terrible so I’m saying it’s “too harsh” by any means, but I am shocked

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