How Dangerously Do You Live With Your Phone?

i have a question for the foxhole.
this is a random question,
but i’m very random.
so here goes…

Do you allow previews from your text messages on your phone lock screen?
your social medias?
your likes?

can you see the whole text message when your phone is locked:

i have mine set to “unlock phone screen to view text messages/social media”,
but i’ve been thinking of allowing my text messages to show on my lock screen.
living dangerously,
i know.
there is a side of my foxy senses that’s telling me to chill tho.
you never know who will look at your phone screen when you not looking.
we often have our phones with us,
but there are those moments we set it down.
my phone isn’t always with me.
but on a few occasions,
i’ll step away from my desk and leave it on the charger.
that feature is convenient because you can see the message and either:

a) choose to ignore it
b) answer it from the lock screen without unlocking your phone

i’m interested to read how you have your phone set up.

lowkey: it’s so true our phones legit reveal who we are.
i’ll tackle a mofo for trying to look at my phone.

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “How Dangerously Do You Live With Your Phone?”

  1. Go figure, I was going to post about this the other night and got busy, and low and behold somebody stole my damn phone last night at the gym. WTF who steals phones in 2018. But my shit is on lock 24/7 because what I have on that phone will cause the docket at Divorce Court to stay full. I hate when kids wanna try and play with my phone. Hells Naw, it is NSFA(Not Safe for Anywhere) I got some much freaky stuff sometimes, I get scared it will be hacked LOL.

    Can I say, I was so upset without my phone and was having withdrawals to the point that my head started hurting, I cant even see living life now without this sucker. I have gone over to the darkside and I used to always talk about people who were always on their phone, and I am just as bad now. #FixItJesus

    1. ^oh no t,
      im so sorry!
      folks stealing phones is so…
      phones now are hard to get into with all the password protection they come with.

      it’s okay to admit you joined the dark side.
      phones have become a way of life now.
      technology is here to stay and isn’t going anywhere.
      i hope you get a replacement soon!

    1. ^lmao
      my home vixen has her texts on her preview screen and i was like “maybe i should try it”
      good to see the foxhole is on lock down status LOL

  2. My phone is uber locked down. Mine is unlock to view messages, unlock to view past notifications (no swiping from the top for notifications), unlock to use control center (flashlight, calculator, turning WiFi on/off etc), unlock to use Siri (no “hey Siri” when my phone is charging. Text messages have been read this way). So I’m pretty locked down.

    The only thing that I haven’t switched off is the location services; where your phone shows a map of everywhere you’ve been and for how long. But that is buried far in the settings. You’d still need to use Touch ID and Face ID to see that map tho.

    If you want to see you map on iPhone; Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Significant Locations

    1. ^damn!
      you aren’t playing!
      i had my phone like that,
      but i started to get comfortable.
      i know about that location feature too!

  3. My phone is hot…You might stumble on somethin just touchin the screen…

  4. Unlock to view msgs here; one of the first settings I change…and it’s not as if I have crazy msgs/posts coming through all the time, but I guess I’m jus paranoid like that.

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