is all the good porn about to off of twitter next?

twitter is one social media where i can get news quickly and good porn as well.
twitter usually has the trending news first and has great amateur porn as well.
sex workers use twitter to advertise their best clips for their onlyfans.
don’t be fooled by those clips tho.

They’ll advertise a bomb-ass clip,
make you pay to access their Onlyfans,
and make you pay again to see the full video….
that’s like the same length of the same free clip that’s posted on Twitter.


i think twitter might be trying to get a mop and a bucket.
my left ear went up when they suspended ( x rhyheim shabazz twitter profile ).
my right ear went up when jack dorsey stepped down as ceo.

and both eyebrows went up with this latest announcement from twitter safety…

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is noir male a money pit of doom?

i’m gonna start featuring dms from foxholers when i get them.
i’ll not be posting our private conversations (mmm oh fuck),
but i will post about things i feel the foxhole can benefit from.
i want you guys to feel involved within this platform when i can.
let’s have a chat about “noir male“,
an adult website featuring the finest in black gay males.
according to one of the foxholers,
it’s an alleged money pit

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i am proud to be white

i was telling a friend i think white gen z and (some) millennials are different.
they’ve realized what some of their past demons have done in their past (and present).
it seems like many of them are trying to be allies to us.
one of my vix-bi sent me the following video and i thought it was interesting.
it started with someone telling white people to say:

“I am proud to be white.”

and well…

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rape vs rough sex? (freak twitter)

*the following is rated xxx
viewer discretion is strongly advised

i saw a video on freak twitter today and i wanted to ask the foxhole about it.
in the video,
the wolf is tearing into a vixen.
judging from his face:

…he was breaking his pipe off in her tail.
i saw some comments under the tweet claiming he was allegedly raping her.
i wanted to ask the foxhole…

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is “until you do right by me, everything you do will fail” kind enough to send in a well wishes card?

i want a conversation with the foxhole.
this will be a judgment-free zone.
i won’t judge you,
but i’m sure others will pretend to be perfect.

many of us have been fucked over by jackals we thought we loved or fucked with.
they left our lives and moved on,
but sometimes those feelings of animosity still linger.
for some,
like my sister,
we actually want to see them do better.
when someone casually mentions their existence to you,
you genuinely have a good word for them.

I hope they’re doing well.”

…and actually mean it.
this is how you know you’ve healed and moved forward.
other people from your past might get a completely different response.
i wanted to ask a question to the foxhole…

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should black folks pull up like the avengers to help the asian community against white supremacy?

there is a heavy conversation that is brewing within the black community.
the other day,
i was asked to attend ^that room above on clubhouse.
it seems like after the mass shooting in atlanta,
the asian community was allegedly asking black folks to stand in alliance with them against white supremacy.

something that they have benefitted from tbh.
the answer from all the black folk on clubhouse,
and a majority of those i know,
have all said..

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