the thin line between carlee russell and the truth

as you know,
or didn’t,
but we have covered many scandals in the foxhole over the years.
many of these were hot topics because of the weird details.
thie story with carlee russell is the latest in “who dun it?“.

Carlee Russell went missing on July 13th in Hoover, Alabama.
She pulled over because she allegedly saw a baby on the highway.
After that,
she wasn’t heard from and the public feared the worse.
She apparently showed up at her parent’s house yesterday safe.
( x see news article here )

i’m happy that she is home safe but foxhole…

This story makes absolutely no sense to me.

every excuse that comes out leads to more questions.
i’m more inclined to believe she had a mental issue than kidnapping.
the facebook press release from the mother:

…is off.
so they want privacy now?
a whole ass country was praying for this vixen and she just pops up.
the public wants answers and suddenly,
everyone goes rogue.

the boyfriend’s ig press release gave me pause:

i mean,
manz is cutez:

and definitely loves this recent attention but his statement is off.
( x his ig jumped to 10k followers )
he doesn’t seem like he was into her as he is making it out to be.

the police statement left a lot to be desired:

why isn’t there anything in this alerting the public of a potential kidnapper?
especially one using a toddler as bait?
and was there an amber alert out for this toddler?
the boyfriend said she fought for her life so…

Wouldn’t it be a top priority to warn the public of such a threat?

the video they released of the night she was kidnapped:

so she saw a toddler on that dark ass road from that far?
why didn’t other drivers stop as well?
not only that but:

Why did she hang up on 911?
You usually stay on the call with them until the police arrive.

…and not only that,
why tf did she get out of her car?
and leave her apple watch in her bag?
those things are very strange.

When I was down there,
there were much darker back roads with no lights or houses for miles.
So much so,
I wouldn’t have been getting out of a car for no toddler.

everyone is screaming human trafficking,
which could be a possibility but:

Why did they let her go?
She is more valuable alive and could be used as ransom.

and would human traffickers really snatch someone on a busy highway?
one where cars are plentiful and call 911?
that seems counterproductive.
and how did they know she would stop her car?
what if it was a male?
or a packed car?
you see where i’m going with this.

Something is off and many of us believe so as well.

i’m welcomed to be proved wrong and the truth will come out soon.
it always does in these situations.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “the thin line between carlee russell and the truth”

  1. I said the same

    and it’s politicized to the point people are saying “Black women don’t get media coverage”

    This one did . So now what ?

    So we just supposed to forget she was kidnapped bc she’s home safe?

    We def need answers regarding what to be on the lookout for if this is a dire situation otherwise it’s a vicious cold case abduction ring going on an Alabama interstate. This should alert everyone. Nobody should be mad at us for questioning it. I’m never wrong. I knew Jussie’s was bullshit out the gate.

    Are we suggesting we think the bf had something to do with it ? Or that maybe he was breaking up with her so she staged it? OR— which I’m more inclined to believe, she was under stress and had a mental health episode. I have relatives who suffer from mental illness and they go off the grid for weeks.

  2. Just like “Jussie Smollett ” and “Jon Benet Ramsey” .We may never know.

    My Great GrandMama used to say… “If it walk’s like a Duck,….. quacks like a Duck and smells like a Duck [ Fill in the Blank ]

    Is it me or does the Mother’s and Boyfriend’s statements appear to be written by the same “Ghost Writer” ????

    Both read like A Chat Bot ( Artificial Intelligence).

  3. Ok so what about the Toddler, glad she home, was there or was the toddler fake? What happened to the BABY?! Was it a midget dressed like a toddler, did the baby return home, I mean everybody worried about her, what happened to that baby?

  4. I’m confused..We were praying for her safe return and now that we know she’s alive and safe, we are questioning everything? I’m just glad she is home and I pray she gets any and all the help she might need.

    1. ^two things can be true at the same time.

      you can pray for someone’s safe return and question the details surrounding their safe return.
      i didn’t have a chance to pray because i got tuned in when she returned home tbh.

      i feel like many people are on a “we should be more lenient because she is black” but if she was white,
      she would be getting dragged and her story being questioned without any issue.

      1. We prayed, but I don’t feel released in my spirit that this is genuine. Like you, I will agree two things can be true at once. As you say, nobody else reported seeing a baby on a highway? This generation is fame thirsty and folks done PLAIN forgot that Jussie is still sticking to the lies he told.
        There is much to unpack!

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