the mask flew off in one knockout

The first summer that everyone isn’t wearing masks anymore but their real masks are flying TF off.

wake up,
another attentionisto heading to cell block d just dropped.
this drop had my box on fire over the weekend.
porn attentionisto,
leclair marquis aka knockout,
might be another who will be spending time on cell block “d” in florida.
i’m not fonting about a scene for onlyfans.
i’m fonting about this

attempted murder with a deadly weapon
kidnapping 1st degree with a deadly weapon
bodily harm
no bond

i have a question:

Why are some of these sex workers turning out to be violent criminals or drug addicts?

i mean,
that can be the life of a street walker so…


it’s a shame that they are heroes to some of these folks out here tho.
i’d hate to have invested in knockout’s OF for this to be the investment.
a sad state of affairs these folks aren’t grateful for their blessings.
they don’t even have to do much besides fuck and hoe.
some of these masks need to be glued on just a little tighter.
they are slipping off too easily these days.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “the mask flew off in one knockout”

  1. Jamari, I need you to find for all of us. What happen to porn stars of the 90s-present like Jason Tiya, Hotrod, Thugzilla and Tiger Tyson. What about youtubers Nard and Ace? We need some some tea on all of them.

  2. Like I said, it’s 1 thing to be down n out and find urself doing a scene or 3 for quick cash, and dipping, but it takes a ‘special’ kind of person to decide to make a career out of porn. Granted, most of them don’t end up in prison, but the fact that there’s even a ‘gay for pay’ (as opposed to a, ‘sexuality is a whole spectrum; I may like diks n nut, but I don’t have an attraction to men romantically’ lane speaks to a lot of low hanging fruit who find themselves there. Straight porn blk dude w the huge meat is locked up at Rikers. And the white ones STAY getting locked up.

  3. I knew Knockout had a anger problem. One his rumored relationship issues with Fame. Then to see them having trust issues on Signal23tv where Fame started a fight when Knockout was in the shower. His anger really triggered again added with alcohol issues when no one wanted to work with him on a season of Cuffin’ Season on Signal23tv. The crazy part about that season is, he was the one looking for love and nobody wanted to be with him so they ended up changing the rules and had them date each other since they started fucking each other. It was times he was too drunk to film or too drunk to fuck. He passed out on a contestant and the guy left the room only to see a 3some happening on the couch. He had a lot of issues and the fact he brought up issues with his son, he was going thru a lot. If the kidnapping is his own son, I think he could beat that.

  4. It’s Wild n Out season for my OF Sissy’s!🤭 Florida is the final stop on the Highway to Hades.😂

  5. Don’t believe he’s gonna let a little thing like prison prevent him from putting out OF material. He’ll manage to get a phone snuck in to continue. They almost always do!!

    1. Snuck in, they don’t have pay phones in jail. They get government phones that’s traceable. Why do you think Prison OF is on the rise, they all got phones!

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