dl males love chasing lakes and waterfalls only to end up trying to kill you

as the rose-colored glasses flew off,
i started to realize just how dangerous certain dl males are.

Deeply insecure DL males should be avoided at all costs.

you know the types.
some will destroy your reputation after confronting their true sexuality.
they will spread rumors about you to take the spotlight off them.
i’ve had plenty of jackals do that to me.
some will go as far as to lure you into sex and once they “cum” to their senses,
that is when their insecurities will fly tf out.

There are others that will go as far as to kill you.

a foxholer sent me this story about this exact situation in london.
the victim didn’t die but his story should serve as a warning

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the battles of those around us we know nothing about (virgil abloh)

you know what everyone says when someone dies:

“Love on people while they’re still here.”

everyone says that when some big celebrity passes.
you know how celebs help others question their molarity or to do the right thing.
this weekend,
we lost virgil abloh due to his secret battle with cancer.
he trailblazed during his young life as a menswear designer for louis vuitton and his own brand,
off white.
he worked with everyone from jay z to ye.
he had MANY friends and admirers in the industry who are mourning his passing.
he was 41.
what i took from this passing is,
we need to appreciate those while they are still here but…

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is omarion the one who will destroy us all?

or is it “FUCK PEOPLE” for still keeping this going?
i kept saying by the looks of social media,
it appeared the worst of us was behind us with how folks were acting.
even irl,
i see people with no masks living their best pre-2020 lives.
after research,
it was all fairytales and fallacies.
the rona hasn’t gone anywhere.
in fact,
we got a new one called “omarion” that is about to shut my state down…

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“now i’m that futha-muckin n*gga and you’re blocked”

when i was dealing with the work wolf saga,
i kept a private journal of my feelings around the end of that situation.
i came across it in my files and read some of the entries in it.

I legit cringed.

the part when he refused to speak to me by stonewalling me,
the words i used about myself,
the actual praying he would speak to me again,
and the emotional begging i wrote in hopes we would reconnect again.
i remember how broken i was when i think back to that moment in my life.
the part of having to see him at work every day,
us not speaking,
and him legit using his own emotional warfare to purposely hurt my feelings.
was i innocent in how it crashed and burned?
probably not,
but i don’t think we were meant to be friends in the long run tbh.
i saw this post from chris brown on the shade room and i fully understood it…

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lemme find out teddy pendergrass helps boost your law of attraction

i strongly believe in the law of attraction.
i believe that what you give your attention to can manifest in your life.
some of us are powerful creators that when we think or ask for some-thing/one,
it can come to fruition in a matter of seconds.

I feel the secret is you have to be reallllllly connected to every aspect of yourself.

the pretty vixen is a master manifester.
she has manifested her amazing life and the people in it.
i’ll never forget when she manifested her boss out of her life.
almost like a month ago when we were talking,
around the time drake came out with his latest album,
she told me:

“I’m done listening to Drake and hip-hop for a while.”

crazy enough,
i’ve been indulging in drake and some hip-hop pretty heavy.
so i asked her why

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f*ck the holidays: jamari fox 2021 edition

every time the holiday season comes around,
i feel immense loneliness within my soul.
i start feeling sad about “me vs what everyone else is doing”.

I wonder if there were no social media and this VIP access in their lives,
would we really care what people were doing during the holidays?

people meaning those who hurt us or our exes who easily moved on.
family members who don’t want to invite you because you’re gay.
your crackhead cousin and drunk uncle get invites but yours got lost in email somehow.
i’ve been listening to adele’s recent album and i’m sure that isn’t helping either.
that damn adele…
there is a current emotional trifecta that is happening to some of us…

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