is beef becoming too well done for our taste?

we are in one of the hardest times in our lives.
from our cities being overrun with crime,
the cost of living being unbearable,
and dating being an absolute shit show,
we are all holding on by a tiny thread.
we are one “something” away from losing our minds.
social media was supposed to be an escape but it’s been highlighting that

Everyone is angry.
Angry at each other.
Angry at the system.
Angry at “the man”.
Angry with their manz,
and childrenz.

from all the beef in entertainment,
reality shows,
and on our timelines,
we are in our “rip each other’s heads off” era.
it’s getting to the point that it’s getting harder to find peace.
if we do find some kind of peace,
it doesn’t last long because we find something to be angry about.

i’m getting tired of all the aimless fighting and violence tbh.
its in the news,
in my timeline,
and in my music.
it feels like i’m sitting an audience,
watching other people’s boxing matches,
but waiting until it’s my time to get pulled into the ring.

Am I already fighting to keep my sanity in tact…

as i scrolled through yet another celebrity beef,
my mind wandered to a curious thought:

How did we find ourselves in this peculiar place?

it seems that nowadays,
anger is the currency of the realm,
a profitable commodity in the market of attention.
anger fuels content,
but has it perhaps become too main stream?

too readily available,
dare I font it?
as I pondered these questions,
i couldn’t help but wonder…

What does it mean for our society when anger becomes the norm?

2 thoughts on “is beef becoming too well done for our taste?

  1. Social media feels like part of the problem especially Twitter the way everybody on that app is consistently angry has really changed my enjoyment of things.
    I feel like that and just how fucked everything in Society is currently contributes to why we are much angrier than we used to be fucked government, everything price wise is raising, people are committed to being ignorant for fun, identity is political and even more dangerous than ever, our communities are in dire need of improvement but nobody wants to do that, and we are all witnessing a strange level of celebrity culture that feels hypocritical and extremely annoying.
    Not to mention gun deaths are up our rights are being snatched with the quickness and we are being lead to nowhere music isn’t even about having fun anymore because so much of artistry is about charts and numbers & pushing artists to be socially aware at all times.

    1. I’m sure you’ve heard of Zeus Network before, but we also now have Tronix Network. If you’re unfamiliar with Tronix Network, they are a new network owned by Ray J. Ray J recently appeared on the Breakfast Club to promote a reality TV show featuring a shocking incident where someone was shot at seventeen times.

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