the uninteresting truth about jennifer lopez?

“Jennifer Lopez is a beautiful vixen but she isn’t interesting.” – Cousin Hybrid

i don’t think many realize being just pretty,
or handsome.
or dresses well,
or has a well put together social media isn’t interesting.

anyone can be all of those things.
i’ll font about jlo and why she isn’t interesting these days…

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chemistry is not hard to understand


you ever met someone and you felt drawn to them?
it was an unexplainable force between you both.
at first,
you genuinely thought that they didn’t like you tbh.
there is a “weird” standoffish energy in the beginning.
you would catch them looking at you tho.
that is the where ya’ll’s story starts.

They can’t keep their eyes off you.
You can’t keep your eyes off them

you both look at each other like you’re in a trance.
that is the unspoken language.
once the ice melts and you both start feeling comfortable,
you start touching each other in subtle (or not so subtle) ways.

They can’t keep their hands off you.
You can’t keep your hands off them.

you cannot deny chemistry.
this is why most males who are struggling with their sexuality are scared of you.
they know you will have their noses wide open.
so when i saw this video of nfl baller wolf,
travis kelce,
and his ex,
kayla nicole

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how to tell when someone isn’t a good person?

Something came to me and i want to share it with the Foxhole.

if you wanna know if a celebrity,
a potential love interest,
someone else’s new love interest,
or pookie down the block isn’t a good person…

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so you shut your brain off and decided to dox someone (yipee!)

Let’s font that this Person A has a stalker.

they have been keeping their whereabouts under wraps.
let’s font they said something online against:

The Pope

person b (along with c, d, e, f, and g) saw it and didn’t like it.
so person b decided to dox person a and put their whole address online.
the other alphabets are cheering on.
doxxing means putting someone’s personal information on the internet.
person a’s stalker sees all of this information and goes to their crib.

Person A ends up getting brutally murdered.

person b thinks no one will catch them because they are on a burner.
their default picture is a zebra so they think they are in the clear.

I’m about to drop the bomb on your lap…

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the person who taught me how to keep secrets

you wanna know who taught me how to keep secrets?

Star Fox’s parentals but mainly his father.

he was the first person who taught me to move in silence in a room full of jackals.
not only that,
he taught me that he couldn’t keep my secrets either.

i learned to be grateful for making me the stealthy fox i am today.

when star fox first saw me,
he always said that i was going to be his friend.
not only that,
we came out to each other.
one day,
being young and gay af,
we went to old navy and bought matching shirts and the bag that came with it.
i know but we were best friends.
he didn’t care how gay it looked and honestly,
i didn’t either.

we found a way to finally be comfortable in our skin with each other.
i’ll never forget when his father saw it…

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you see everything when you’re in the dark

pitch black.

devoid of light.
that is what this season feels like for me.
it seems that way for many of us.
i have read your messages to me.
i’ve heard your cries.
i’ve cried with you.

This season feels like we are in the dark.

…while it seems like others are basking in the light.
the worst part is that you’re asking yourself…

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