all the boys want a poly relationship now (ask ne-yo!)

what if you met another male,
who you were 100% into,
but he wanted you to be the second half in his poly relationship

Would you?

what if it was with a male and a vixen?
that would take a vixen being comfortable her manz is bi.
we just fonted about three gays who were in ( x an alleged poly situationship ).
ne-yo is proudly displaying his…

so after being in two failed relationships he was a menace in,
with 7 children within both of them,
he decides it was time to go poly?

i swear he JUST got marri…
( x see update )

i guess its better than cheating now?

How do these poly relationships even work?

it seems like it’s for a male who wants his cake and ice cream for sexual gratification.
a straight up whore who just wants options within the house.
what happens when someone gets bored?
do they swap in and out?

someone help me understand.

lowkey: imagine a male being an absolute nightmare in a past relationship,
cheated left and right,
only to debut a poly relationship after you break up.
i’d fight him.

4 thoughts on “all the boys want a poly relationship now (ask ne-yo!)

  1. Ne-yo, isn’t this the same person who had so much to say about the “Children” and what they were being taught, smh.

    For me, I couldn’t do it, even though I’m young I guess I was born in a different time because that’s too much swapping of bodily fluids for me. I couldn’t deal with being in a relationship with 2,3,4,5 other people. That’s too many different personalities, hormones, and energies to have to deal with and manage at the same time. Whatever happened to being normal, and why is the narrative shifting to make monogamy weird?

    I think when it comes to celebrities, Ne-yo much like Diddy, just have too much money, access, and excess; they aren’t grounded in anything. Maybe I’m short sighted I just want to have enough money to take care of myself, live comfortably, eat good food, drink good drinks, laugh, and create good memories and experiences with family and friends. Other than that any other money I have I would want to use to try to make my community and the world a better place than I found it.

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