mo’nique stands ten toes down on “f*ck my son and that tiktok”

there are times i regret my rebellious phase with my mother.
when i think back,
i was a mess.
i remember telling her i got someone pregnant because she got me vex.
someone pregnant?

i don’t think i ever fully apologized for wildin’ out.
then again…

Every teenager wanted to move out with a bunch of other teenagers,
all who weren’t working,
because they had a gigantic speaker in the living room to throw parties.

…or that might have just been me.
mo’nique legit said if she knew he would be doing tiktoks about her in the future,
she would have….

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the scary truth about dealing with a nfl players?

Remember when I had the BIGGEST crush on ex-baller wolf,
Devin Thomas?

those who have been with in The Foxhole since the beginning know.
i thought that baller wolf was the most “handsomest” i done ever seen.
shadow work made me realize why i was so attracted to him.
next entry?

don’t even get me started on his bawdy.

don’t even get me started on ( x when his pipe leakage dropped! )
sadly tho,
that was when he was out of the nfl because it revealed he had severe mental illnesses.
i feel like something happened that bts that activated it.
i don’t think i realized what really comes with dealing with a baller wolf.
their bawdies can be used for pleasure but there is more to them.
this alleged girlfriend of a 49ers baller wolf revealed the truth…

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the “God they’re insufferable” tour of mo’nique and daddy continues

Mo’Nique is ruining her legacy with me.

is anyone going to call mo’nique out?
someone that she doesn’t have beef with?
i feel like her and that jackal she is married to are out of control.
i wish she didn’t do club shay shay.
i’ll be 100 with you that i didn’t even watch it.
i’m kind of over her.
i don’t get their end game here with leaking her son’s past texts to the public

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nicki drops her big foot down on megan thee stallion?

lets acknowledge that nicki minaj dropped her diss(?) track to megan thee stallion.
it’s called big foot.
for the first time in history,
she @ an opponent instead of sub tweeting.
after hearing it,
i can also acknowledge that…

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I thought the scripture was “thou shall not judge”?

church folks are always going to be interesting to me.
dr. juanita bynum thinks our suits for church are “too tight”.
something about “knees being too close“…


arquez shows us #relationshipgoals on BIGO?

So in the latest in “Gee this seems toxic!”…

i keep asking myself what is the point of being in a relationship?

besides splitting bills,
which if you live within a budget you can handle on your own.
the occasional sex,
which if your budget is right,
you can pay for from your attentionisto fantasies

I don’t see the point.

i guess?

you gotta worry about your manz falling out of love with you,
cheating because it’s wednesday,
80/20 and you the 80,
or throwing paws for the social forests to see.
let’s segway to arquez and his manz(?)…

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