95 days of shadow work taught me

so as you know,
or didn’t,
but i took a 100 day challenge of shadow work.

every day,
i’d answer 2 questions from various shadow work websites in my journal.
( x this one )
( x this one )

i’m at day 95 and proud of myself that i stuck with it.
what i’ve learned confronting my shadow

I had the inability to see and even love myself because everything was tied to how OTHERS saw me.
I was trained that Jamari wasn’t enough unless other people thought so.
So my shadow side was holding myself back in fear of not being loved or accepted,
in turn,
always giving the wrong people power over me because abuse tasted sweet.

i feel like i’m learning myself much more from this self therapy.
i’m even starting to feel comfortable in my fur.
i even forgave a few people who hurt me which shocked tf outta me.
i held onto those grudges with my cancer claws for dear life.
shadow work is a really intense exercise so you gotta be gentle with yourself.
some days,
i was left sad and drained but i was working with my therapist too.
i hope you can try it and see what you are able to learn about yourself.

If you aren’t ready,
don’t try it without the help of a professional who can assist you.