another celebrity takes their life and we need to “check in on people”? (massive eye roll)

here we go…
a celebrity takes their own life and everyone remembers they are human.

“We gotta check in on our strong friends.”
“Please check in on people.”

…and other phrases that show me how self-absorbed we can be.
 stephen “twitch” boss decided to stop living yesterday.
we are left with a ton of questions

but suddenly…

We understand that people,
including our friends,
could be struggling too.

…which will only last a week.
we will repost their greatness and accomplishments AFTER they died.
this is what i’ve come to realized…

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while you were sleeping, i was dealing with rejection

the fear of rejection.

this morning at around 4 am,
while i was up due to anxiety,
i asked myself:

“Why are you scared of rejection?”

…because tbh,
the facts are,
my whole life has been constant rejection

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i BELIEVE in you and me

i came to a conclusion while listening to “i believe in you and me” by whitney.
the whole song is like the affirmations for a long-lost love.


she “believed” that they will return.
it was that word:


that word gave me my “a-ha moment“…

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i had no fox tails to give these last couple of days tbh

Have you ever woken up and felt like you don’t even wanna get outta bed?
all you wanna do is lay low,
binge a show,
and put your phone on dnd?
You might only have 1 fox tail to give.

Have you ever gotten up outta bed,
could still be social,
but didn’t want the drama of others and the forests bringing you down?
You only had enough for close friends and that’s it.
You could only have 3 fox tails atm.

for the last couple of days,
i’ve only had like 2 fox tails to give.
1 was for me and the other was for a few friends.
i stayed off socials because i had no energy for dms or news articles.
i spent those two days trying to replenish back to 5 fox tails.
i know you’re like “wtf is giving a fox tail?“…

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when your job makes you cry

i never thought i would cry at work but i did.
when i worked in fashion

I’d see white vixens running to the bathroom next to my desk in tears.

…and i told myself that would never be me.
fast forward a few years later!
many of us can relate to being broken down at work.
some of our jobs can be real abusive and we don’t talk about it enough.
i watched a video with a wolf breaking down on his break.
he didn’t even want to go back

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i think i’ve found a great way to describe depression

it’s hard to describe what depression feels like.
what being in a dark place feels like for myself and many of us.
i’ve tried to put it into words and i just come up with “extreme sadness“.
for those on the outside,
their advice is:

“You’ll be fine after you take a walk or put a penis in your mouth.”

…because walking and sex are the cure for everything.
there are many power walkers and human sex toys that are still depressed.
depression is similar to having a monster in your brain.
it takes control of every negative emotion within your body.
the monster’s sole purpose is to turn your entire world upside down.
it knows we are too weak to fight it so…

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