just like you, lebron james gets lonely too

i think many people who “make it” end up having buyer’s remorse.
we always forget about:

“In the Honeymoon Phase”

you’d think a baller wolf like lebron james would never feel lonely.
beautiful wife,
amazing kids,
celebrity friends,
and a shit ton of accolades.
he tweeted this the other day…

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My neighbor took their own life the other night.
I heard everything.

we talk about those who take their own lives,
but we never speak on those who are affected by it.
and people that were close to the person.
there are lives that are changed forever after someone ends their existence.
as a former suicidal person,
i fully understand the trauma of what it leaves behind.
on the other side,
i fully understand wanting to stop the pain too.
even writing about it today isn’t easy for me.

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