eric dodds and johntae collier wear the absence of memory well

as we are all enjoying our freedom of summer 23,
or just appreciating being able to be outside in general,
two attentionistos are preparing for their long journeys ahead as jailbirds.
the days of kissy faces and twitter updates are gone.

It’s now getting comfy and cozy within the confines of prison

 new photos of eric dodds and johntae collier,
formerly of eandjgang,
has popped up.
this is their new normal

they don’t even look like they care.
i didn’t know you have to cut your hair in jail.

johntae had really nice hair too.
the good news is white is their color.
the bad news is it’ll be their color forever.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “eric dodds and johntae collier wear the absence of memory well”

  1. Let me know if any of the COs sneak phones to them so they can continue their OF escapades behind bars. We have seen where some attention whores served time and still managed to post OF and JFF content while behind bars. Someone has to put money on their books.

      1. Oh please! Not at all! But Jamari, you know there will be others who just want to view their content, they don’t care or give a rat’s ass what crimes they committed. They can commit capital murder, felonious assault, rape, no matter what, there are people who want to view their materials. Remember, people still want to hear R. Kelly, regardless of his crimes!

  2. They’ll care after the novelty wears off and you realize you’re there until death. The thought alone scares the Hell out of me. Exactly why I keep to myself. I’m avoiding any activities or people that could get me caught up in foolishness.

    1. ^word.

      some males out here will bring you into their life of ragga too.
      once you start making moves,
      you gotta up that screening process too.

      1. It is TRAGIC! And Miss Thang is smiling like he won a conjugal visit with the Booty Bandit Warrior!

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