some black folks get very angry when they aren’t invited within white spaces

some black folks can’t function without being invited to white spaces.
we have our own spaces but when we see white folks doing them,
enjoying their spaces and there are no black people on site,
it’s all of this outrage on social media.
kristen bell had dinner for her closest celebrity friends.
some black folks were mad af at the picture posted

“she ain’t got no black friends?”
“why weren’t any black people invited?”
the picture is gone so clearly someone was bullied into taking it down.

1 – If they saw 2 black people at the table,
they would have been calling them all kinds of names.
They would be called “coons” and a spreadsheet of their dating history.

2 – If they were invited to that table,
what would they even be talking about?
Racial discrimination?

3 – Black folks don’t even like the show Friends but Rachel and Monica are sitting there.

4 – Black folks talk about white people’s cooking all day but are outraged they can’t eat it?
They’re mad they can’t eat “uncooked or unwashed” chicken?

I’m confused.

5 – The joke is when we are around too many white people in one setting,
we relate the situation to Get Out.
That creates fear within us due to the movie.
If that’s the case,
why would you want to be there?

i feel like many black folks need to mind their business.
we don’t need to be invited to everything.
the problem is:

We invite them into our spaces so when we don’t get invited into their spaces,
we feel some kind of way.

we should stop sending out invites so freely.
they clearly aren’t.

i think this all leads to being fake.
now people who might not like us are gonna pretend to.
we need to stop begging for acceptance and enjoy our own spaces.
here is a reality:

She might not have black friends.

a majority of us don’t even have that many white friends.
am i wrong?

lowkey: here is a pic with her and a black friend…


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8 thoughts on “some black folks get very angry when they aren’t invited within white spaces

  1. Kirsten is a sweet heart. She donated $10,000 to my sister’s classroom for the school year back in ’19. This was for a black school and my sister is a black teacher. Please leave this lady alone. She also voiced a black character in an animation series and then quit to give the job to a black voice actor because she realized it was a mistake. She’s cool ppl.

  2. The anger some had over that picture was specifically from people who are chronically online. Also apparently two Asian people are at the table on the far end. I didn’t look at the picture deep enough to see because i didn’t really care. I saw the hoopla about this a few days ago, rolled my eyes(at the stupidity of being angry over this) and kept scrolling.

    You’re completely right tho. The anger over this is truly from the fact that we always invite non-Black people to our spaces and we expect the same from them but we’re shown time & time again that they do not feel the same way and are only using us for whatever they can get out of us. Black entertainment as a whole is in the gutter for this very reason.

  3. Hell, I’m black and I hate going to family cookouts where everyone sits around and talk about each other. I bet all them people she invited don’t really like her.

  4. Black folks need to relax. What’s the problem?
    If this is her friend base, so be it. I can guarantee you are not missing anything, but a bunch of boring folks eating potato salad with raisins and bake chicken seasoned with salt and pepper.
    This pic shows how most white people lives are blackless and I’m cool with it. Be friends with whoever you want.
    Some blacks are more comfortable around the yts and rather them more than black people…more power to them. Just focus on you and your own circle of friends.

  5. I was always told that not all blacks are for the culture. Some blacks will sell their soul to be invited to a white only get together:

  6. I’m glad you said it. We don’t have to be included in everything! Shit, we don’t even involve our family in our lives but we expect some strangers we don’t wanna be around anyway ruffle our feathers?! Tf. Let folk live… cause when you don’t, that’s when the hidden racism happens and I like racism to be blaring to me so I can know what time it is and move tf on.

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