everyone said f*ck spill and is heading over to threads now?

i’m confused we the black community.
we scream we don’t have places for us.
a social media app called spill,
which is promoting black users exclusively,
comes out and it’s hot for a second but…

Now we are bragging about leaving that because Threads is out.

what is wild to me is these same folks,
the black gays and straights,
will join threads to do the same thing they did on twitter.

So you could as well have stayed on Twitter.

the truth is people join these social media apps to get clout.
they wanna be the first there to be the next star.
they want to farm as many followers as possible.
everyone wants to be on the next app to pop.

If I join Threads,
I’m still staying on Spill.

i feel like we are in the twilight zone.
everything is so bizarre.
now only that but social media is becoming oversaturated.

Find a social media that fits what you are looking for and stay there.

the day the government puts heavy restrictions on social media,
to the point we are censored,

i feel like a civil war and mass unliving will ensue.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “everyone said f*ck spill and is heading over to threads now?”

  1. it’s crazy you say that. me and my cousin have been discussing for the past few months how suicide rates will sky rocket if social media is shut down. Everybody would be angry but we’d be better off for it. Especially the next generations.

  2. What was upsetting about all this is that spill was made to create a safe space for black people especially black queer people but because they aren’t black only & homophobic now we are stuck on twitter with that mad man that’s running it to the ground. Lol

    Like just stay on Twitter if you plan on being toxic and draining. Lol

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