the mandingo warrior brothers claim they love gays and loved jussie smollett

james breeden for

that tongue is long and ignorant.
i bet you could feel that poking around in your large intestine.
so the jussie smollett story is headed to a trial near you.
every time i think this is over,
it comes back strong.
how many years has this been since the incident?
it doesn’t matter because it seems we’ll be hearing about this for life.
we have heard jussie’s side ad nauseum but the african mandingo wolves,
ola and abel osundairo,
are finally breaking their silence.
there is a lot of stuff that is being revealed in the trial that i didn’t even know.
the first stop is clearing his name and the accusations he (they) are homophobes.
ola claims he respects gays and is actually gay friendly because via “daily mail”…

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dababy blocked the hiv/aids organizations in his contact list

i’ve been asking myself:

What’s the point of holding people accountable anymore?

 there is always some idiot vixen,
dick hungry gay,
or toxic straight that lets bad behavior slide.
rapping jackal,
has been shining brightly as a problematic straight.
between his fans and other toxics in the industry,
i’m sure he has been coddled into not giving af.
remember when ( x was briefly canceled )?
he was supposed to donate money to the hiv/aids organizations,
but it appears he has allegedly ghosted them via nme

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did a well-known attentionisto allegedly drug a male into having sex with him?

my mother always told me to watch when someone pours me a drink.
she went on to warn me never leave a drink un-attended either.
you never know tho.

Some males can be ruthless when it comes to sex.

some of us have trusted the wrong males during intimate moments and got burned.
more often than not,
some will secretly drug you to loosen you up so your guard can be let down.
the following was brought to me by one of the f-bi.
it involves ju aka @nopicsnochat (in the picture above).
he claims he was drugged into having sex with a well-known attentionisto.
one i have covered more than a few times.
ju claims after he felt he was drugged,
he confronted said well-known attentionisto and was gaslit.
this is the IG highlight of what went down for your review…

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is all the good porn about to off of twitter next?

twitter is one social media where i can get news quickly and good porn as well.
twitter usually has the trending news first and has great amateur porn as well.
sex workers use twitter to advertise their best clips for their onlyfans.
don’t be fooled by those clips tho.

They’ll advertise a bomb-ass clip,
make you pay to access their Onlyfans,
and make you pay again to see the full video….
that’s like the same length of the same free clip that’s posted on Twitter.


i think twitter might be trying to get a mop and a bucket.
my left ear went up when they suspended ( x rhyheim shabazz twitter profile ).
my right ear went up when jack dorsey stepped down as ceo.

and both eyebrows went up with this latest announcement from twitter safety…

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trey songz might be deep up in some sh*t (again)

wtf is going on with trey songz?
this mofo is going out bad.
every time i turn around,
he is in some shit.
if he ain’t knocking someone upside their head,
some vixen is alleging that he did some shit to her.
i legit said to myself yesterday:

“I wonder what’s been going on with Trey Songz?
I haven’t heard from him in a minute since his Onlyfans debacle…”

and then i see this pop up on my phone via tmz

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trump kicks off kyle rittenhouse victory tour

trump is trying to set off everyone’s thanksgiving off with a bang.
so to a few others,
kyle rittenhouse is a hero.
i don’t know how he became a hero but apparently,
he is the new “american dream“.
walking around with an ak and shooting anyone on command.

that american life album from madonna wa ahead of it’s time.
trump rose from his crypt to acknowledge kyle on fox news.
he was such “a nice young man” on his victory tour in meeting trump…

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