so apparently, spankbang is no more?

Can one of the Foxholers confirm the following for me,

so one of my straight wolves hit me up the other day in a panic.

“Did you know Spankbang is gone?????
I keep getting re-directed to LiveJasmine.”

i was like,

the Foxhole would have alerted me about that.
so when i went to go check

I still had access to it.

he continued to tell me that allegedly

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was jonathan wright allegedly exposed for dealing with a “straight” rapper?

Look good
Be at the right place and time
Have the funds
Some kind of career that can get someone from point A to B

… and you can pretty much have sex with any male,
whether straight or gay.

whether its for clout,
to getting bills paid,
or you can put someone on,
you can get sex pretty easy out here.
i’ve been taught that money talks.
rich white males have been paying to beat the stuffin’ out rapping and IG straights,
many of whom look like slugs or night of the living dead extras.
what they don’t tell you is how males are bigger groupies than vixens.
two of my fav Foxholers have schooled me to the game of it all.

“Don’t put any male you see on IG on a pedestal.” – We’ll discuss that soon.

so a Foxholer sent me something about hair stylist,
jonathan wright

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it’s the name of the game in these social media forests.
when any kind of drama hits,
it’s a goldmine for clout and clicks.
our presidential candidates?
they’re serving up content like it’s a buffet for this election.
they tried to take trump out,
and guess what?

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he was feeling up that arm and i don’t blame that white man

it’s no secret that many white males love a big,
(in their) tail.

i mean,
we all do especially after a long and hard day.
this white wolf we all know looks like arms and biceps are his weakness.
what a coinky dink!
mine too!

i think he might have forgotten all lens are on him tho…

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when you gotta fight your DL manz and his womanz too

If you’re going to play around with the DL,
you have to remember the golden rules in order to play the game successfully.

when he adds you,
doesn’t follow back,
but ya’ll end up connecting on the low,
never use your real account to speak to him on.
if he’s truly interested,
take it off whatever social media you met on.

you can find an app where you both can chat privately.
i like whatsapp.

if you insist on fonting on IG for instance,
use a burner with disappearing messages.

Sidebar: the next ios update with locked and hidden apps?
The DL game is about to change big time.

it’s all about keeping things clean and your identity safe.
he’s keeping you in the closet; you’re keeping him in the closet.
so there were a lot of mistakes in this DL facebook drama i was sent.
that damn facebook.
i feel like lessons were learned for our dear,
ahmaud walker

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did scoota brice go on a killing spree because he was DL?

Is Javonte Scoota Brice this the latest in DL hyenas going berserk?
or is this the fallback reason when hyenas kill vixens in the black community?

javonte scoota brice killed his mom,
and baby mama in tampa, florida.

he documented it all on you guessed it…

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