King Agu Gets Some Pipe Leakage?

*the following entry is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.
that means its 18^

so that show on bravo,
“invite only cabo“,
is over.
i never watched,
but it did hip me on king agu.
i did end up watching him on social media.
a lot.
well one of the f-bi sent me a alleged modelling shot of king agu.
this is allegedly before he got his stomach tatt.
i see he is in the running for “big ass dick” as well…

oh my…
another “not up in ya guts” type of peen.
i shoulda known tho.
it’s always the lean ones with the gut busters.
either way,
nice piece king agu!
i can only imagine what that ride is like.

lowkey: can we talk about him fingering this snow bunny tho…

his facial expressions>>>>>
i know she wanted a taste.

i would have swallowed every…

21 thoughts on “King Agu Gets Some Pipe Leakage?

  1. Agu is gay. He has his dude Dennis all over his IG. They’ve been together for over 12 years. Live in Woodland Hills together. And Agu is a verse bottom. So a big stick don’t mean nothing girls. Just because I nigga have a big stick don’t mean he using it. Most niggas can’t take it.

    1. WOW I know people lie on these reality shows but it makes me sad to know Agu basically denied a 12 year relationship.He said he hasn’t been in a relationship for the last five years.I heard he had a boyfriend from several guys on here (foxhole) but I thought the relationship was over.Since he pretty much scrubbed his IG clean and unfollowed everybody.

      I saw an interview on YT he did with an Asian lady last month.He said he is the eldest child of 7 and his Nigerian father is pressuring him to marry.He talked about the type of WOMAN he wanted to marry.I wonder if his father thinks Dennis is just a friend or if he knows and still wants him to marry a woman.

  2. Today Agu posted a pic him holding hands with Kamani one of his fellow castmembers on Invite Only Cabo.She posted the same pic they seem to be confirming that they are dating.They stop filming the show last November and the season finale has already aired so there is nothing to publicized.

    BTW maybe is bisexual not gay.

  3. Seems like the other dude was bothered that Agu’s hand wasn’t on him. #justsayin

    1. The other guy is hairstylist Larry Sims his boyfriend Corey was on the last two episodes.So he has a man.The season finale was last night.I liked the show I hope they get a season 2.
      As for Agu he briefly dated one of the other ladies on the show Kamani.And they were spotted kissing last night at the season finale watch party.

  4. Oh look, another sexy male model who is allegedly is gay has a big dick! So do we give him a handclap of praise or what?

  5. I saw a few eps of that show. He banged that white chick (eww) rolls and all, and she was sprung! Now I see why. But he was also trying to get at one of the other ladies…and she was not having it.
    He comes across masculine, but I get a both teams vibe from him after watching that show.

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