Blac Chyna Has A Dragging and Child Support On Her Mind

kellon got her in a  nice “distressed snow bunny” wig.
not mad.
so i’m kinda on the fence with this blac chyna/rob kardashian story.
one side of me is interested.
another is waiting for them both to go away.
so blac chyna took the “by the balls” show on the road this morning.
she appeared on “gma” to talk about rob and the revenge porn of her nudes.
this is what she had to say

i’m sure cruella de jenner was watching this interview like:

“she is becoming a problem…
get me her file!”

i’m more fascinated that revenge porn is a crime in 38 states.
these jackals could dead ass be arrested for leaking nudes/sex tapes.
that’s right angela!
teach us something!
well blac chyna got awarded a temporary restraining order against rob:

kris jenner is in the war room as we font.

What mess is gonna come out next?

stay tuned!

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “Blac Chyna Has A Dragging and Child Support On Her Mind”

  1. I may be in the minority, but I’m not feeling sorry for this chick. She put herself into this situation most likely looking to get paid out of it. I believe she used Rob because she knew she could, but not knowing how fragile and unstable he really is/was, her plan may have backfired. Interestingly enough, nude pics are posted of you in the bed with another dude (not sure how explicit they were because I haven’t seen all of them) after their “argument”…and now you wanna play the victim?! Everyone is looking to capitalize monetarily out of this situation, from chyna to that whack rarri dude. Get your 15 minutes of fame however you wanna do so, but don’t play the victim when your scheme/plan backfires on your ass.

    They need to just kill every fuckin’ “reality” show on TV. It brings out the worst in people in order to get famous. She should’ve stayed stripping.

  2. please remember Angela is a D.C. girl who knows how to get her money. when She moved to LA She just became a DC girl with money and fame so she knows how to get even bigger money. don’t be fooled…shes smart ….shes a step ahead. she finessed Tyga…became friends with Kim (Kim has No real friends) …saw an opportunity with Rob to get money for atleast 18years…she is used to fine dudes…she got with Rob when he looked his worst and his self esteem was at it lowest…her timing was perfect was perfect….she dropped rob right after she dropped that baby. she saw the opportunity the revenge porn angle gave.. she is a stripper….she could care less about her nudes bring leaked…wouldnt be surprised if she hacked robs page and posted all of her pictures and videos…

  3. This all seems like another stunt to me. And low key could they not have gotten her some elocution lessons. I mean damn. The interviewer had to feed her the word “betrayed”. I’m sure she was really thinking “he got me fucked up”.

  4. I totally get the point of, “a person should be able to control what images of themselves are published for the public, and I totally get the violation she might feel having someone post nude images of her without her permission, but I think it doesn’t look good for her case that she regularly post nudes or salacious images for everyone to see. This demure act she is doing reads very fake.

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