Rarri True Has Something To Prove For Jacob Kohinoor

i struggled to get through the following video,
but for the foxhole,
i watched the whole thing.
so mr.butt cheeks,
jacob kohinoor,
got acknowledged by rarri true yesterday.
his stock is up!
jacob is a gossip vlogger now and said rarri has no “receipts” and no “tea”.
rarri fell into his trap by proving he did.
jacob did a whole segment on rarri calling him out on his ig live…

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Rarri True Shouts To The Mountain Tops He Ain’t Gay

so you know how someone can open their mouth and remove all doubt?
rarri true is reminding me of that hyena right about now.
he seems to have gone up so fast that he is crashing down at lighting speed.
he did a ig live where he was asked about his pending sexuality.
this is how he responded via fameolous
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Blac Chyna Has A Dragging and Child Support On Her Mind

kellon got her in a  nice “distressed snow bunny” wig.
not mad.
so i’m kinda on the fence with this blac chyna/rob kardashian story.
one side of me is interested.
another is waiting for them both to go away.
so blac chyna took the “by the balls” show on the road this morning.
she appeared on “gma” to talk about rob and the revenge porn of her nudes.
this is what she had to say

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There Are Levels To This Scheme

i love watching a good messy scheme.
it makes for good writing for the foxhole.
since all these jackals want to climb to the top,
they gotta out scheme to get there.
you may also need a few willing participants to help in the process.
so rarri true is getting the best publicity of his life right now.
he posted this shot to keep the fire going:
it was about his looks and bag before all this,
but now,
his involvement inside blac chyna has got him going global.
good or bad,
everyone is talking about him.
his baby mama,
decided to get involved with her version of events.
this is what she told 967 the beat in atlanta
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Blac Chyna’s Alleged Ho-ish Ways Gets Rarri True Publicity?

wait foxhole…
i know ^this wolf.
he has been in these parts before.
remember i wanted to know who:

…and there was no leads?
well good to know he would be allegedly found inside chyna’s pussy!
his name is rarri true and…
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Rob Kardashian Gives Mechie The Spotlight

doesn’t he look like a “rico pruitt” relative?
so allegedly,
^this is one of the hyenas blac chyna was messing with.
his name is mechie and he comes with video…
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