Rarri True Has Something To Prove For Jacob Kohinoor

i struggled to get through the following video,
but for the foxhole,
i watched the whole thing.
so mr.butt cheeks,
jacob kohinoor,
got acknowledged by rarri true yesterday.
his stock is up!
jacob is a gossip vlogger now and said rarri has no “receipts” and no “tea”.
rarri fell into his trap by proving he did.
jacob did a whole segment on rarri calling him out on his ig live…


what is with that fan every two seconds?
what is going on?

jacob is doing his job as a blogger.
i won’t get on him.
what is yoo doin bah-bee?

Why did you feel the need to explain yourself  baby?

i’m not understanding why.
i’d imagine someone with real star power wouldn’t do that.

angelina jolie?
brad pitt?

they all been in scandals and left it all to public opinion.
even i wouldn’t have.
this “social media/explain everything” wave is ruining mystery.
mystery is sexy.
to me anyway.
blac chyna and rob have already moved on.
the public has as well.
i didn’t need to see any receipts since i took his word for it.
the leaked pictures were more than enough.
at this point,
rarri need to come with some new “something”.
being attractive and swagged out,
with a questionable background,
is only going to take him so far.
new attentionistos and attentionistas are born every second online!
this is a trump world now.
even the kardashians can’t keep up anymore.
i hope for his sake that “love and hiphop atl” gig comes true.
he needs a new scheme.

lowkey: i thought jacob was a hair blogger?
or was he doing reality shows in drag?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Rarri True Has Something To Prove For Jacob Kohinoor”

  1. *takes a drag of a e-cigarette* NEXT! I want to just move on to someone else who is gay and less extra with their faggotry. Jacob Kohinoor is a follower with no direction and no purpose. In fact, who was really checking for him way back when? No shade to the ATL gays, but at this point, the fiasco is getting old and we’re tired of seeing the same ole thing (i’m gay, I’m from ATL, I’m the life of the party, I have a business, I know people in the entertainment industry, I’m a model with a sexy body, etc.) It’s like a damn resume template that everyone is using to get jobs and most of the hiring managers are tired of looking at the same thing every single day! I know I would lose my shit when I see the same resume every single time. I know for me I’m not original in some sense, but what can you do originally when everyone else has done the same thing? OMG I’m done with this!

    1. Thank you for saying what I was thinking, you save me keystrokes #truth #yousaidthat #atlpunks #Icant #fixitjesus

  2. He looks like one of those types that look cute until they open their mouth.

    Even a fool is considered wise if they close their mouth, lest they speak and remove all doubt…

    I’m also getting Milli Vanilli vibes from that pic.

  3. I couldn’t get past 2 minutes. I wonder why he feels like he has to be so extra.

    1. He thinks this “character” gets him more views. After watching the success of Funky Dineva, TiTi, and Joanne the scammer he wants to do the same. I miss the old Terrence J/ Ryan seacrest Jacob tho. But hey whatever makes him happy.

      1. ^so he is a follower?

        none of what he is doing seems natural.
        it comes off try hard and “i’m looking for my purpose”.
        his purpose was when he was natural and interviewing folks.
        when he was just a regular ass male who didn’t know his own power.

  4. When he started dressing in drag, he just became a WHOLE lot gayer! He wasnt with the stunts as much.

    1. ^no offense to anyone,
      but wasn’t he doing way too much?
      i was so distracted by him and his antics that i couldn’t even follow the story…

  5. I just wish Jacob would have just stayed in print. Lost all sex appeal after he started to talk and from there transition.

  6. this is too much. I mean too much.
    I can’t make sense of what’s going on.

  7. Legit moved on months ago he sound have leaked the dick and kept it moving. Tbh i doubt lhh is picking him up now Hollywood has an interesting story going on why bring him in.

      1. Now, Jamari, you know the fan prop has been around longer than Kenya Moore. I used to frequent gay clubs in the South in the early 2000s and the “flip fan” was all the rave. It’s a gay staple. As for LHHATL, he’s been filming scenes with Stevie J already… I know this is messy of me, but I screamed when Jacob leaked Rob’s number. I called it too. Just for shits and giggles.

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