Majorie Harvey Needs Ya’ll Ratings For Steve Harvey To Pay The Upkeep

this picture can be summed up in one word.


it’s written all over his face.
he shoulda knew that was a bad idea,
but some love to learn the hard way.
steve harvey thought he was doing something.
he did something alright.
he is allegedly losing fans over his trump meeting last year.
this is what a foxholer sent me from “the daily mail”

Steve Harvey is attempting to save his new talk show by distancing himself from President Trump after his ratings took a hit due to fallout for taking a meeting with Trump in January, has exclusively learned.

The 60-year-old relaunched his daytime show when his previous program was set to be canceled because the host refused to sign his contract because he wasn’t getting a raise and couldn’t move his show to Los Angeles.

As a result, Harvey’s talent agency decided to launch a new show, simply retitled Steve, for the comic based in Hollywood in an effort to keep the show going.

The retooled show premiered on September 5 after a few months of preparation, and both ratings and reviews for the program have been less than stellar.

Sources close to the production told they believe the poor numbers reflect a fallout from Harvey’s black audience after he met with Trump in January.

Now Harvey is turning on the president in a desperate bid to save his show, recently proclaiming on his radio show: ‘Meeting with Donald Trump was the worst mistake of my life.’

A source close to the production told ‘People just hate the show. He wanted to do a late-night feel for the show, but he’s on a big stage with a desk and a lot of open space and nothing about the show is engaging or warm. People just aren’t into it at all.’ 

Harvey’s first daytime talk show, called Steve Harvey, premiered on NBC in 2012, boasting a strong 2.2 in ratings and was a solid performer for at least half of its run. 

When the revamped show Steve premiered earlier this fall, the show debuted at a 1.8 but quickly dropped to a 1.4 in the ratings. 

For the first time, his once popular talk show was being beat by Wendy Williams in the ratings and he’s neck and neck with Jerry Springer and Rachael Ray.

The source explained: ‘Steve could have continued to survive with the first version of his show with these ratings because the show was produced out of Chicago and was less expensive to produce. 

‘But doing a daily talk show out of Los Angeles costs big dollars and with his current ratings, there’s no way in hell WME-IMG can continue to bleed money like this into a sinking ship.’ 

Harvey faced tremendous backlash from his TV and radio fans when he paid a visit to Trump Tower in New York City to meet with Donald Trump in January. 

African-Americans were outraged by the images of Harvey being chummy with the then-President Elect and many called for boycotts against the comic. 

Harvey was dismissive and defiant despite the backlash and lashed out at fans for challenging his decision.

The source said: ‘This is the moment his brand took a hit. He had been through a few scandals before – the divorces, the Miss Universe Pageant and the Asian joke gone bad – but he had never faced the wrath of his core audience before, middle-aged African Americans.

‘And unfortunately for Steve, he was too arrogant to realize the weight of his mistake and never made amends to his loyal followers for it.’

Since then, the ratings for Harvey’s game show Family Feud took a dip and the audience for his variety show Little Big Shots dropped almost by half

But it wasn’t until the ratings for his revamped talk show started suffering did Harvey acknowledge his glaring Trump error.

During interviews to promote the show, he revealed that he regretted taking the meeting.

‘Here’s the crazy thing: I’m supposed to be on a boat for my 60th birthday, so my wife says, “Steve, just take off [and skip the meeting]. You’ll meet with him some other time.” God, I should’ve listened,’ Harvey told The Hollywood Reporter. 

i bet majorie is vomiting flames over this.
he probably works overtime to make sure she is good.

you know her attentionista ways allegedly needs his money.

this is a lesson in “common sense” tho.
obama or nah…

i wouldn’t have been meeting with no trump.
i don’t even understand why obama sent steve of all folks.
it just screamed “set up” to me.
what is there to discuss with a civilian?

i feel like this is some humble pie for steve tho.
maybe even some karma thrown in.
the ones who support your career are the most important.
not obama and his ideas for a sit down.
steve’s main supporters are black and against that orange fool.

Did he really think this would end well?


article cc: daily mail
*picture credited to owner

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “Majorie Harvey Needs Ya’ll Ratings For Steve Harvey To Pay The Upkeep”

  1. He’s dealing with the consequences of his choices just like Tina Campbell of Mary Mary and Chrisette Michelle. U can’t expect the black community to support u and give u money after u went out ur way to show support for Trump and his white supremacy ways.

  2. No, it is not going to end well, because let’s not forget he also lose following within the black community nation-wide for the jokes he made about the water crisis in Michigan and his negative views on the Black Lives Matter movement.

  3. He’s NEVER been that funny.

    If you’ve seen his talk show you can tell he’s really trying to cater to white people and it’s just not his demographic. White women watching Daytime television are not going to watch a black man.

    Probably the least talented of all the comedians included in King of Comedy.

    Bernie Mac was supposed to be the successful one. RIP

    1. I think it’s even a stretch to call him a comedian. A prerequisite of being a comedian is being funny, which he’s not. He’s just a walking joke, but not a funny one, just a pathetic one. He not only treats his fans poorly, but even his staff. I’ve never liked that person. He’s always spewing something ignorant about somebody while being the shucking and jiving jackass on TV. He’s an embarrassment.

      He’s one of the few people that I can say really get under my skin. And he’s creepy af. Ew.

    1. I fully see where you are coming from with your comment. He is the least funniest of them. He is trying to come back to his own because all that cooking he has been doing is now causing his money to be short and his pockets to start looking empty. I honestly feel it may be too late for him; especially how badly he treated DL and TI when they tried to show him an others that thought and felt like them the error of their ways months ago.

  4. Karma is coming like a MFukker to collect. This could not have happen to a more deserving ASSHOLE than Steve. The way he did his ex-wife is shameful and the new wife was cheating on him while he was married to the ex. She is also just as scandalous in her own right. I guess she will be okay being that both of her ex-husbands are in prison for life for drug dealing. They know this label whore in the streets of Memphis as “Lady Heroine” and everybody knows from way back she is about that life and about her coins. His next book is going to be titled- “Think Like a Man and not Like a Trick” when she cleans him out in their divorce much like he did his ex-wife leaving her homeless with those dirty divorce proceedings he was able to get away with. It was later revealed her Divorce Attorney was paid by Steve and they did a slick number on her virtually leaving her with nothing. So Steve so glad the Black community is going to leave you with nothing so maybe you can see how she feels. Was a fan until he did the ex-wife dirty and when he hop aboard the 45 Coon Express it sealed the deal that he was a “Aint Shit Pineapple” I am sure 45 will tell his base to watch your show and support you because we know how much they love successful Blacks especially those like you and your wife who love to flaunt their gaudy material possession in everyone’s face.

  5. Like I said in a post a while back…Keep an eye out for more until mid-late next year. The remaining year and most of next year is going to be the time of Karma and secret reveals..Wait and see…there’s more coming.

    1. I wonder how Dr. King’s son and Jesse Jackson’s son feel now. Since Steve followed in the footsteps of Bishop Bloomer and admitted that it was an egregious and regretful mistake meeting with Trump back in January. Hilary isn’t so bad after all.

  6. Steve may be many things, but not being funny is definitely not one of them. He is a funny man. When it comes to entertainers, I can separate the personal traits from their talent. The man is talented in his own right.

  7. Too bad people aren’t able to see the bigger picture of what Steve did when meeting with #45. Even I, as much as I hate #45, could see the attempt of what Steve was trying to accomplish. If I were him, I would have made sure my meeting with it would have been private. Of course, #45 being #45 seize the opportunity and did what his racist ass usually does ruined it.

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