it’s the name of the game in these social media forests.
when any kind of drama hits,
it’s a goldmine for clout and clicks.
our presidential candidates?
they’re serving up content like it’s a buffet for this election.
they tried to take trump out,
and guess what?

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another victory for trump in the books!

last night at the ‘24 bet awards,
it was all about getting black folks out there to vote.

almost every presentation; almost every commercial.
taraji even went off script at one point.
after that debate,
folks are scared.
even if folk’s think biden’s a zombie,
they really don’t want “the orange one” back.
after this news,
i think this is another reason why.
trump’s got the supreme court shielding him via msnbc

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trump can do whatever he wants and we have to deal guys

can i ask ya’ll a serious question.
this is just something i’ve been pondering the last few days,
while watching all the rage and think pieces from trump supporters.

Why is it okay for Trump to contradict himself?
Why does he get a pass for his shenanigans?

it’s like the sibling who can do whatever but we get punished for breathing wrong.
remember when it came to hilary “lock her up” clinton back in 2016…

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new yawk woke up and chose violence with trump today

america is in this really weird place that when shit is about to go down,
especially when white folks are involved,
we assume that their privilege will protect them.
i assumed trump would be found not guilty and he’d be on his merry way.
i didn’t see this on my bingo card,
well i didn’t have a bingo card for this,
but this verdict

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addressing the drama…

omg that is how the Youtubers title their videos.

i’ve learned in life,
especially as a blogger,
that people will admire you UNTIL you say or font something they don’t agree with.

it’s a thing called “life“.
as gay males,
we know what its like to live our lives one way and be ostracized after coming out.
it happens to the best and the worst of us.
i wrote something yesterday that caused quite the stir.

i didn’t think anything of it when i wrote it because i’m usually poppin off at the fingers.
it was taken out of context so let’s address it but first…

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more people keep telling me that trump is winning over biden

my straight friend said to me the other day:

“I hope people realize that Trump is going to be president.
I really hope they aren’t thinking otherwise.”

as much as i wanted to throw my shoe at his head,
he isn’t the first person to say this to me.
gay and straight.
IRL or on the Foxhole.
everyone is starting to pick sides the faster we approach voting season.
i mean,
let’s be real

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