Gather Round Foxhole! Aunt Wendy Shares The Rise From Her Fall

this is the most aunt wendy has been on my mind.
i cannot get over her fall from grace yesterday.
that video will stay with me for a while.
auntie explained what happened on her show today tho.
this is what she had to say

one thing wendy has taught me:


you can tell she values those who rock with her.
she didn’t owe anyone any explanation,
but i respect she did for “her co hosts”.
she could have not even addressed it like others.
i hope she is okay and takes that as a warning.
when she started to cry,
you know that had her life shooketh.
let’s hope for a speedy recovery and being healthy from here on out!

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “Gather Round Foxhole! Aunt Wendy Shares The Rise From Her Fall

  1. I’m not gonna lie, I was one of the assholes that laughed. But I went on Youtube and saw a compilation of people fainting on tv and it was just so random. People can be talking normal normal and pass out with slurred speech. I’m sorry, but I really think it might have been a stroke. Her eyes bugged out and she was mispronouncing words. It was almost as if she saw something we couldn’t see. Whatever it was, I’m almost certain it wasn’t a typical fainting spell.

  2. I believe she should have seen a doctor.The show was practically over,48 minutes in.I don’t believe being low on electrolytes is her only health issue because Suzanne still seems concerned.If she was fine I don’t think Suzanne would still look worried 24 hrs later.

  3. Im sorry I laughed i hope shes okay. Wendy is one of those unintentionally funny people. Like her nature is funny.

  4. I said this on the last post about this situation she express that she has thyroid disease in interviews she said it was brought on by stress it same thing Missy Elliott has I remember she said she had this experience while she was driving on behind the music. People (mostly black twitter) where saying she deserve it cause she gossip about celebrity like we don’t talk shit about celebrity and kids let not forget how most of y’all call celebrity child ugly ect..

  5. I laughed when I first heard about it (so I didn’t see it by then) BUT when I finally watched the video I felt for her. It looked scary, the audience’s reaction spoke for itself. And I believe that there is something else going on that caused her to fall but she doesn’t want to reveal it & that’s fine. It’s none of our business.

  6. Either it was fake or she had a stroke. How could she be overheated in her costume and she came back out with it on? That makes no sense. I am not much of a fan of hers, but I do not wish poor health on anyone.

  7. That was demon possession for all her evil doing. See you all don’t remember Wendy from the radio. Vile and evil. Someone hexed her live on air and she saw the devil!

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