The Taste of Fame

The Eddie Long-Stroke drama had me thinking last night…

There are ALOT more men like him…

…. and I’m here to tell you about em.

To all my Foxes and Wolves trying to get into any career field,
but preferably the entertainment industry,
you probably know what I’m talking about.

The life of flashing lights.
Everyone wants to be “the star”.

There are people who use their power to get your ass/dick/pussy.
All so you can be a star… or have 15 minutes of fame.

We talked about it before but,
I wanted to touch more of the subject.

I know a few aspiring “whatevers”  that have been fucked/or fucking someone to get their taste of fame.
Some from BIG time people and others from behind the scenes people.

Either way,
the price of fame has a very lenghty price tag,

Usually: sex.

Those who don’t give in,
usually are left nowhere and bad mouthed.
So much so – when they even try to get a role or position,
they get shot down with the quickness.
People in that business talk and gays run it like no other.

The types of people who fall in this trap are weak or greedy people.
They are either too naive and fall for ear candy,
we have people who are way too excited and want that instant fame.

Not all the time do you have to be fucked.
You could be the fucker.
(This is for my strict Wolves out there)

Something doesnt come for nothing.
These youngins always think because they can rap, sing, or play ball
that they get easy money.
Most of them get turned on and turned out.
Falling victim to all the bullshit that comes once you cross the ropes.

My tips are…

Always be patient when it comes to pursuing your career goals.
Try not to fall for “promises”.
Always question the motives of others in higher positions.
Ask questions.
Have lawyers look over contracts.
Try to keep meetings alone at a minimum.
Learn to listen with your eyes.
Play stupid.
Learn the industry ropes.

Little tips to keep you from being a victim.
And if you are going to do the “fuck” route:


Do not just fuck someone that claims they know “such and such”.
Google is your friend.

be careful my Foxes and Wolves out there.
I would hate to see you get hurt.

Trust me,
I know from experience and I’m here to guide my Foxes.
You don’t just get this from other bloggers.
They selfish.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “The Taste of Fame”

  1. You are absolutely right. I’m still at my entry level position in tv and its so shady. You think someone genuine well watch how they act in fron of the CEO or director of departments. Its so fucked up. I’m the only black dude in my department and the youngest. I feel so alone but I know I’m there for a reason. My first outing with co-workers I found who was fuckin who. It was crazy. Its a really wierd place to be because I like the opportunity but I feel like I’m going to have to sacrafice parts of me to make it to the next level.

    1. Its a choice. Either you do or you don’t. And sometimes, even if you do, you may not make it. People give away fucking passes like it’s bubble gum. And sometimes, people stay fuckin someone for nothing. At least if you gonna fuck someone, fuck someone that will elevate you to the next level mentally or financially. That is what bugs me about Foxes in the hood fuckin’ losers for free peanuts.

      If you fuckin/gettin fucked and you not going nowhere but up – then you are stagnant.

  2. your right on target it had me thinking, there are plenty of men just like it. There is a popular blogger who was called out last month on the issue and the only difference between him and Eddie Long is he hangs out at the Marta Station and Park for his young bois. His gifts might not be as lavish but it gets the same result.

  3. I can not judge him because I am not God. What I do want to say is God will reveal. What saddens me is that the church is clapping and giving him praise when the truth has yet to be revealed. It seems as though the congregation is brain washed. If he is guilty, he may get away with it, but the real test is when he goes home with out the congregation clapping and hollering and tries to sleep at night; can he deal with himself, can he make peace in his heart, soul and mind. The biggest issue is, CAN U DEAL WITH SELF. What about the children, how do they feel, do they have anybody shouting and clapping with them. Bernice King was on the pulpit begging for money for the church, is that for its defense fund ? It needs to be put all in the hands of God, trust and believe he will shut it down if he has too. I have watch Long on TV for years and never seen his wife, now all of a sudden he wants to walk in with his wife. If you watch the video it looks forced and staged. She can smile and act like nothing is happening but she is the main one who knows the truth. She knows where her husband has been and with whom. Let God be the judge and every man a liar.

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