Kevin McCall Is Another Kind Of…

remember ^this one?
that before we “found out” just how off he is.
so kevin mccall has been on a full blown “crazy” tour.
i don’t know what’s the point of doing this kind of shit does but…

this is why i say getting “blocked” is a-okay.
he blocked my twitter for whatever reason.
i’m not complaining.
he is crazier than a soup sammich.
i’m sure the judges are all over these vidoes.
yes kevin,
you have convinced them you are stable for any kind of custody.
keep it up!

these vixens need to know who they getting impregnated by.

lowkey: like,
why is he not in the mental institution?
ya’ll think he joking,
but he is dead ass serious.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Kevin McCall Is Another Kind Of…”

  1. That’s a smash you might not get out of the room from! That mofo is crazy as fuck talking about being a ticking time bomb!
    This isn’t going to end well…at all! I pray Eva and her husband are somewhere safe, because it sounds like he’s coming for them.

  2. I never saw it for him. No matter what hair style or what clothes he got on, he always look like trash trying too hard to come up.

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