so kevin mccall allegedly selling his meat for cashapp?

^better times for kevin mccall?
i don’t know whats up with kevin,
but he has been so “off”.
this is the same one who brought us the greatness that was “dueces” by chris brown.
these days,
he has been in more scandals that we can count.
well it seems like he is allegedly selling his pipe leakage at the end of 2019.
you’ll never guess for how much…

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Kevin McCall Is Another Kind Of…

remember ^this one?
that before we “found out” just how off he is.
so kevin mccall has been on a full blown “crazy” tour.
i don’t know what’s the point of doing this kind of shit does but…
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Fatherhood Has Really Matured Chris Brown

so chris brown is at it again.
this time,
he went smooth the fuck off on his artist,
kevin mccall.
you know,
the crazy dark wolf with bawdy and ( x the big bunz ).
well they both got into a nice instagram war,
but it’s what chris said in his rant via baller alert
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Kevin McCall: The Ultimate Baby Favaah Drama?

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 12.53.27 AMi’m confused with kevin mccall.
he had a lot of promise and now…
not so much.
so as you know,
he is eva marcille from “america next top model” baby favaah.
of course they brought a cub in this world to pineapple drama.
well he decided to record himself talking to her on his phone and…
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Kevin McCall Goes Buck Wild Down Under

so is everyone who hangs with breezy wolf got anger issues?
foxhole favorite:

tumblr_mlnu9zpqZV1ql48q6o1_500kevin mccall was brawlin’ in australia over the weekend.
the last person ever i would think would show his ass (and not the way i would have hoped)

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The Future Love Song for Kevin McCall?

one of our wolf favorites is gone ya’ll.

well not really.
he is just giving a vixen some serious peen now.
i hope she knows how to take it.
and well.
you won’t believe who he is dating

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