Kevin McCall: The Ultimate Baby Favaah Drama?

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 12.53.27 AMi’m confused with kevin mccall.
he had a lot of promise and now…
not so much.
so as you know,
he is eva marcille from “america next top model” baby favaah.
of course they brought a cub in this world to pineapple drama.
well he decided to record himself talking to her on his phone and…

ibiADQZyusRK0F…really kevin?
there is something out in that la water.
well in between this,
he threw shots to wale:

only to apologize for what he did:

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 1.03.05 AM…and he wonders WHY she is hesitant for him to see his cub.
giphy-4lesson for everyone who reads my site:


…because i cannot.
i thank god i like wolves and wasn’t born with a uterus.
i don’t “do” baby favaah drama.
no matter how fine they are.
get it together kevin.

clips/evidence taken: the shade room | kevin mcall  | baller alert

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “Kevin McCall: The Ultimate Baby Favaah Drama?”

  1. No one believes me, but I’m convinced mental illness is becoming really rampant in the African American community.

    He’s showing some Bipolar tendencies…

      1. Minorities are just notorious for sweeping mental illnesses under the rug or self medicating with street drugs.

        When I said becoming I mean moreso it’s become harder to brush off as your family member just being “strange”.

        These police officers are NOT going to handle minorities with kid gloves just because they have mental issues.

    1. ^Jay…I say that all the time, and people look at ME like I’M crazy. I see so many people talking to themselves or doing shyt that would seem a bit unusual…and it leads me to believe that the individual may have some type of mental issue. I know some people that have gone off the deep end, but mostly after they got a hold of some laced weed. Maybe it just “activated” the tendencies that were latent. LOL

      1. I’ve seen young minorities dragged into the hospital because laced weed or KUSH has triggered mental illnesses they were already genetically predisposed to like schizophrenia.

        They are never really the same, because the system just replaces the weed they were taking on the street with pills and expect them to take their meds.

  2. Why was that conversation open for public consumption; he’s really doing the most! SMDH get your life Kevin!!!!

  3. Did this dude say a group of times in the first video oh man this is truly sad everybody puts their personal business on social media these days.. But SN Eva seems like the only star from Americas Next Top Model why is that show still on

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